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"Performance and the next generation"

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Wed 20/09/06 at 14:43
"possibly impossible"
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It has been the benchmark of consoles since the first generation 8 bit consoles handed the baton over to their 16-bit brothers. Fans waiting to see the specs of their next machine trawled through their magazines and tried to make sense of the numbers staring back out at them before the full realisation of the power of the new consoles became clear when they finally got to see them in the flesh.

And it hasnít stopped. Microsoft and Sony are still banding around numbers today to justify holding on to your money in exchange for their new wonder-machines. Developers are awaiting the challenge of more realistic environments or showing more enemies on screen than ever before and the crowds are just waiting to be wowed by the next big thing.

And yet, one console manufacturer has turned their back on the idea that performance sells. Surprisingly, itís one of the manufacturers that has been in the business the longest. Nintendo donít care if youíre not gob smacked by their graphics processing. They donít give a damn if you donít fall out of your chair at the zeros trailing from their processor speeds and they couldnít be bothered one bit at showing you just how many polygons they can manipulate at once.

Itís certainly caused a bit of a stir in the gaming world. Surely if we donít make progress then why should we bother upgrading at all? ďButĒ they answer ďProgress doesnít have to be all about numbers and graphics. It can be about interaction and experience.Ē The cost is another justification. Put up against the mighty PS3 with itís equally mighty price, the Wii looks like David trying to outdo Goliath, but with a remote control in place of a stone.

So will the change in the way we play also change the way we perceive the next generation of gaming? It has been enough to convince some of the journalists sent out to try the hardware for their selves, but will Joe public be stirred into buying a console that doesnít live up to their numerical ideals? Only the launch of the Wii can prove that Nintendo are on the right track.
Thu 12/10/06 at 09:21
"ha ha ha"
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what is that sopossed to meen
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Thu 12/10/06 at 09:19
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I see you still haven't reached puberty yet.
Thu 12/10/06 at 09:18
"ha ha ha"
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well along time ago when this site was better known a special reserve i was christoff i got kicked out a couple of time and realy got on peoples nerves but some liked me i was even classed as a sit bug it was great then the empire known as special reserve went bankrupt but somehow the chat forums lived on and i am now striking back ha ha ha (THIS STORY IS TRUE I HAVE MADE IT LONGER THAN IS NEEDED TO BE)sorry!! ha ha ha
Tue 10/10/06 at 19:09
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Who the hell are you?
Tue 10/10/06 at 17:48
"ha ha ha"
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why is no one on the games forum speak you fools ha ha ha
Thu 05/10/06 at 18:37
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No loser. :P
Thu 05/10/06 at 18:01
"ha ha ha"
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Thu 05/10/06 at 17:57
"ha ha ha"
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wii rocks
Thu 28/09/06 at 00:28
"Picking a winner!"
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My PS2 was bought not long after launch and still works fine.

On my 2nd Xbox360 after mine started acting strange recently and judging by the delivery guy he's picking them up quite regularly to send to the repair centre.
Thu 28/09/06 at 00:03
"Peace Respect Punk"
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Obviously broken PS2s didn't effect everyone, but it seems to be the console of the last generation that broke the most...

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