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"You demand evidence of inequality here it is:"

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Fri 20/09/02 at 14:56
Posts: 787
I was told by many people, including Loki to put up or shut up with regards to evidence of inequality and favouritism on this forum, so here it is:


1: display_messages.php?forumid=416&threadid= 50771&offset=40¤tsort=desc

(Delete 2 Spaces)

This first link, is to a post where homosexuality, is the key issue, sheepy one of you beloved notable says "you are gay" and Mr Chainsaw shares his thoughts on it as the threads starter. This was not written in a jokey tone as is to the same extent as Ashleys homophobic and bigoted! (and if you claim the moderators didn't see it they must be blind as its called: "Why are you all so gay?")

2: forumid=416&threadid= 46229&offset=0¤tsort=desc

(Remove 2 Spaces)

Oh, whats this. "we don't give mystique special priveledges she is treated the same". Oh well it strikes me as surprising that she posts a filthy joke and it is removed clearly by a member of staff saying it was filthy and unsuitable. And more of your much loved notables and respected regulars (about 10 off them) mention that it is an offence which is worthy of banning. But what happens it is miraculously censored by a member of staff and everything is dropped.

3: display_messages.php?threadid =52940&forumid=416

(Delete 2 Spaces)

Oh look again. (sorry mystique not piF**king on you but you are the worst offender) Mystique the person all the staff just happened to vote for in the noteable elections, posts a link to an obscene website which screams F*F**k you, which was viewed by a younger member of the site who complained that there parents were in the next room and they could have got into all sorts of trouble.


I am glad to see that there is equality on this site, its just a shame that some people are more equal than others. All these messages are being popped or you can use the links, but here is the precious evidence you wanted! I suggest you try to be more fair in the future and admit that we were right as favouritism is clearly demonstrated!
Sat 21/09/02 at 20:32
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
You guys stole my shoe, didn't you!
You all stole it!
You Judas'!
I will get my revenge!!!!!
Fri 20/09/02 at 18:46
"allardini's tagline"
Posts: 3,396
Listen. This is the staff's forum. They can do what they want on it, because they run it, and also run gameaday, and admit it: that's why a hell of a lot of people here found these forums or go on these forums.


If they like people and make friends with people, than yes, they'll be nice to them. Don't say that's "unfair", because it's tough luck. It's the same with bosses and their employees. You can't sue them, so you can't do anything about it.


Do you know how many other forums there are in the world? You can create your own forums on some sites! If you're tired of being run properly, then go on your own forum, all of you, and you can have lots and lots of fun.


And if you don't wanna do that, then you'll make up some excuse, but the truth lies at gameaday. Do you know how lucky you are to have found a site that gives games and dvds away for free with no catch?

Fri 20/09/02 at 18:09
Posts: 16,548
I like Mystique. I like Sheepy.

I don't like this Ashley. Therefore they're better than him. In my mind.

Now shut the **** up about this whole sodding thing.

You're all fine people and I'd have sexual relations with any one of you.
Fri 20/09/02 at 18:08
Posts: 21,800
If anyone wants evidence that these forums have gone down the crapper recently then I think this topic says it all.

Stop being so bloody pedantic the lot of you, life sucks wear a helmet.

They're INternet forums, stop taking them so damn serious.
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:49
"Stupid Newbie :D"
Posts: 550
Mr Ripper wrote:
> Scouse [email protected] <== On a similar note, can anyone explain to me just
> why exactly this user's name is allowed on what is supposed to be
> "a family forum"?

Probably because "twatat" isn't a word... naaaaaaah, that can't be right. :P

> For me? no.
> For the mother who's 10 year old child turns around from the computer
> screen and asks her what a Scouse [email protected] is, maybe.

"I don't know what a scouse twatat is, mum. I don't believe they covered imaginary English in my school yet, but I'll be sure to tell you when they do. I'd guess it's some kind of insect, or bird though."

Scouse [email protected] wrote:

> Would this be the same type of 10 year old who arrives as a JAT, and
> gets a barrage of unwarranted comments because he can't type as good as > everyone else?


Whelp, Loki. I said it before, I'll say it again, you can't impose one set of rules and restrictions on one set of users and an entirely different set for others. If you're going to ban people for making homophobic comments out of malice, you've been given a speight of places to find them, and are as yet ignoring the lot. Doesn't show you in a very good light.

For reference, by the way:

1) Ashley is not my mate, I don't know him from ditch water. I have, however, seen a good deal of his postings and know that the behaviour you banned him for is not characteristic of his usual conduct. It can be called that for a great deal of other forum members though, yet you have turned a blind eye to this.

2) You can divert the issue as much as you like, fobbing it off with highly erroneous analogies, which a 2yr old could've outdone; yet the fact will still remain you're not exactly exercising fair play in your moderation.

3) Trying to imply my views that the way this forum gets staffed is entirely biased are flawed, and that I'm seeing the world through rose tinted glasses, really bears little to no factual standing. I moderate forums myself, I know how to keep the posters happy that I'm doing a good job, and even if I do have my favourites I make damned sure I don't show it or allow it to impair my judgement of right and wrong. It's not some complex political affair, as some users so desperately compare it to, it's a fairly simple case of making sure you hold all users to the same guidelines.

Now you can state that you don't read all the posts on this forum, that's entirely ok, but you should certainly read the topics where you're getting user reports sent in left, right and centre. That's all the likes of Ortega are getting at here.

Pick over it all you like, thats the long and skinny of it.
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:27
Posts: 170
Interesting topic, but again i say, and quote from many other messages i've posted WHAT THE **** (i refuse to translate ****, as the language of **** has been lost over the years) HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE FUTURE OF GAMING??? The future of GAD but not gaming, i dont think the mischavous antinks of mystique are going to affect my gaming, although they do affect alot of peoples sleep!!!
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:09
Posts: 9,494
Get. Over. Ashley.

It'' be hard, but I'm sure you can all do it.
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:04
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
What a fantastic idea

"Tonight your homework is to study the moose-tach of 1970's Germany and the phrase 'Oh jah, das ist goot"
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:03
Posts: 18,775
El blokey wrote:
> Your biology teacher spoke to you about giving girls head?
> :-\
He went to a school for pornstars
Fri 20/09/02 at 17:01
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Or†ega wrote:
> So what I want to know is why Lord H hasnt been banned.


To be honest mate, I don't care.
It's Friday, I'm out on the rampage tomorrow and I'm buying The Thing on the way home from Sawbo.

I think this whole situation is hilarious.

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