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"Behind the Scenes - What they didn't want you to see..."

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Thu 25/07/02 at 21:25
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Liquid: Ever wondered if anything goes wrong while making a game? Well, trust me, they do. All the time. Itís just lucky for you and me that I have got some of them to share with you. These are never seen before, and they are going to change the way you think about certain game characters. Anyway, enough suspense lets take a lookÖ

Sonic and his stunt double

Producer: Hey Sonic. Itís time to do the stunts. The first one is where you loop the loop about three times and jump over 3000 spikes. Nothiní much really. Think you can manage it?
Sonic: No way! Who do you think I am? Iím sorry but you are going to have to get my stunt double to do this. Oh, and make sure it looks good. Donít want to disappoint the fans now, do I?

Liquid: Donít want to disappoint the fans? Thatís rich, really rich. Iím sure that his popularity has gone right down. Anyway, enough of Sonic, letís take a look at what happened during the making of Wave Race: Blue Storm. This is a good oneÖ

The Broken Jet Ski

Producer: Right okay. Is everyone ready for the race? Remember this is pretty dangerous because there have been sightings of sharks around, so watch out. Anyway, on your marks, get set, GO!
(Theyíre off. Itís neck and neck coming up to the first turn. They turn the corner, but wait whatís this? One of the drivers hasnít turned. He canít move the steering bars. He is carrying one going straight.
Producer: Cut! What is happening? Nigel, are you okay?
Nigel: No, I canít turn, my engine wonít turn off, and there is a shark swimming right beside me. A SHARK!! This isnít my day.
Producer: Heís got that right.

Liquid: Donít worry, Nigel wasnít that hurt after the shark attack. This next one shows how Spiderman isnít really what it seems.

Spiderman and the safety cables

Producer: Are you ready Spiderman? The scene weíre going to do is he one where you swing from building to building. The safety guy is over there. Heíll get you kitted out in all the harnesses.
Spiderman: Thanks.
Safety Guy: Hey. These are simple harnesses, which will make you safe. So with these on, youíll be able to swing from building to building safely.
Spiderman: Thanks. This is going to be fun.

Liquid: Iím sure that no one actually thought that there really was someone who could swing from buildings with something that sprays from their handsÖ(Silence) Anyway, this one is really surprising. Are you looking forward to the new Mario game? Well, this is how it came aboutÖ

Mario and the Judges Decision

The Judge: After hearing about Mario and your drink drive charge, the evidence gives me no other choice but for you to go to prison for six months.
Mario: No, please. I have a wife and childÖno wait I do anything. Donít send me to prison. I will do anything.
Judge: Well, there is one thing that no one wants to do and that is cleaning the oil and sludge off some island.
Mario: Okay, but I donít go to prison, yeah?
Judge: Only if you finish the job.
(After the court hearing)
Mario: This is bad. What are we going to do about plans for the new game?
Shigsy: We can make you cleaning into a game. Yeah, we can make out an impostor Mario has messed up a desert island, and he has to go round clearing it up. Yes, I can see it now, Mario Sunshine!

Liquid: Well, well, well. Now we know how Mario Sunshine came about. And everyone was saying how good Nintendo isÖ Anyway, itís time to go, but Iím going to leave you with something funny that happened while the making of Final Fantasy X.


Tidus and Wakka in Hospital

Tidus: Hey Wakka, letís play ball.
Wakka: Sure, let me get a Blitzball and weíll play.
(In comes Wakka with a Blitzball)
Wakka: (Whispering to Yuna) Hey, look at thisÖ
(Wakka kicks the ball and it smacks Tidus on the back of the head)
Tidus: Owwwww, Jesus. What are you doing Wakka.
Wakka: Sorry man, are you okay?
Tidus: Nope, why are you being such a fat egg?
(He walks over to Wakka and smacks him in the nose)
Yuna: You are both being fat eggs you better go to hospital. (To producer) Weíll have to have few hours off, sorry)

Thanks for reading

Tue 30/07/02 at 18:04
Posts: 23,218
the last one was funny though
Sun 28/07/02 at 20:37
".......on the attac"
Posts: 1,271
I think it's quite funny that Liquid hasn't been on again to try and stick up for himself since he did his "Qwerty" post.

Also, his "brother"(RM18) hasn't been on to try and fight his battles for him.
Sun 28/07/02 at 20:15
Posts: 6,100
Liquid H≤O wrote:
> Then along comes Herc and Longster and think they can say what they
> want, when they're the reason for the PS2 forums bad rep...

Thats the funniest thing ive heared all day! "think they can say what they wont" if we can't say what we think whats the point of posting!?! thats whats this place is about discussing what you think and i didn't think it was all that funny it wasn't as if i was slagging you off and further more i said how you could make it better. I'm reckin the forum! if anyone is you are replying in your own topic with things like that. As for Herc hes just trying to bring some fun into the forums which in my eyes is welcome
Sun 28/07/02 at 18:14
Posts: 12,243
I may aswell join in,

Sun 28/07/02 at 18:13
Posts: 5,029
LOL! LOL!!!! LOL!!! LOL!

Oh, right.
Sun 28/07/02 at 14:41
Posts: 461
Sun 28/07/02 at 13:32
Posts: 23,218
Sun 28/07/02 at 13:30
Posts: 5,029
I would guess that there are other Toms

I just find it funny that you played against one thinking it was "our" Tom :P
Sun 28/07/02 at 13:29
Posts: 12,243
Sun 28/07/02 at 13:28
Posts: 7,549
Maybe there are other Toms in the world. Like Thomas Wilson.

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