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"final fantasy 7... should it be remade?"

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Sat 09/02/08 at 21:39
"king of the world"
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as the topic says

should it be

i think personally this is my favorite game of all time and would love to see it remade for next gen consoles

square enix forget the new final fantasy's

re-born the old
Wed 11/03/09 at 18:30
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Should Final Fantasy VII be remade?

I thought I would jump at the chance but after thinking about it: No, it shouldn't. Reasons being that while FFVII was a great game at the time, gaming has moved on... If they made some sort of new game which was set in the FFVII universe but didnt follow the same story, or the original story seen from someone elses point of view... Sephiroth springs to mind but I doubt they would make a villian the main character. But it does sound strangely appealing :]

Personally, I have gone off final fantasy games a lot in the last few years... It hasnt been the same since FFX in my opinion. That game remains my favourite FF of them all. I also really liked FFIX, but again: at the time. I would play FFX again, FFXII I bought, opened, played for a few hours and just really disliked it... a tiny thing like not being able to switch the invert on the camera on or off really put me off though. Oh yeah and FFVIII... not my cup of tea!

I havent seen much about FFXIII really, I kind of lost hope with the series. Hopefully my faith will be restored over the next few years.

For future game I would love it if they made it more like a massive world to play in, with more intelligent NPCs and just a generally Deeper experience.. not that FF isnt deep already but it just has so much more potential if they went (slightly) more for an Oblivion type approach. Keep the amazing stroylines obviously, but imagine if you could Choose what happened next and directly impact the story instead of it being set in stone. Bring back something similar to the Orb system of leveling up seen in FFX, Also I'd love if they brought back the summons from FFX... I'd love to see Anima again in high def :)
Mon 24/03/08 at 23:24
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Crisis Core it is then!
Mon 24/03/08 at 23:01
Posts: 18,487
No, i mean Before Crisis
Mon 24/03/08 at 21:02
Posts: 9,995
You mean Crisis Core?
Mon 24/03/08 at 15:18
Posts: 18,487
I dont suppose anyone knows how to get hold of Before Crisis?
Wed 12/03/08 at 00:44
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
FFVIII was just too complicated for my pre-teen mind to utilise properly. I remember something about junctioning, which meant if you used some magic source here, it did something good or bad to another stat there... Pah.

Also, wasn't there some kind of testing scheme that determined how much gil you got? That was lame.

I heard too many mixed reviews on XII for me to get into it, and that my PS2 was packaged away somewhere and I couldn't be bothered.

VII was a classic for me as it was my first Final Fantasy experience, and IMO, it just worked. The characters were fun to play with and I always cared about what they said etc. The materia system was great too as it allowed a nice variety and a little more strategy to the game.

Second to this is, of course, FFX. A beautiful upgrade in graphics, coupled with some pretty decent voicing and brilliant story line (almost had me in tears with the ending :P). This game is still my favourite PS2 game of all time, and from here on will probably stay that way.

X-2 sucked ultimately. I mean, while it was nice to see what happened to Yuna, Wakka and the gang... I think I'd of prefered they left the whole Tidus thing alone.

... that was rushed =
Tue 11/03/08 at 16:17
"previously phuzzy."
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I just enjoyed the change in FFVIII, even if it wasn't the best battle system there has been. Got to disagree with the story criticisms though - kept me playing for hours.

As for FFXII having a poor battle-system, then I guess if you're a stalwart turn-based fan then yes, it does. I like the mix of real-time attacking with turn-based sensibilities that FFXII introduced.

Each to their own I suppose.
Tue 11/03/08 at 15:18
"Brooklyn boy"
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It was ok til the end of disc 2, nothing mind blowing but i didn't mind playing it though i was pretty much playing it for the sake of it, however when they started with all that space bull i just couldn't be bothered with it anymore
Tue 11/03/08 at 15:16
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I've never been sure about VIII as i thought i could be too harsh on after following VII. Looking back i think VIII started off well and then they traded a potentially great villain for someone totally crap (Edea for Ultemecia), after that the story really was non-descript.
Oh and the battle system in XII sucks donkey balls.
Tue 11/03/08 at 15:11
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Already stated my opinion on FFVIII before (boring characters and story, though woo for Quistis etc etc) FFXII also falls into that bracket of boring characters and a story i didn't really care for, which if you're going to be playing through it for 50 odd hours is a bit of a drawback. Add to that the horrid battle system and it's rated amongst my least favourite RPG's ever.

Give me good ol turn based action anyday, Square can keep their rubbish new systems as long as Sakaguchi-san and Mistwalker will carry on showing them how to actually do an RPG along with their own Enix partners with the greatness that was DQ8. Now if only NIS would go multi-platform i wouldn't need to buy a PS3 :-(

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