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"What are you playing currently?"

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Sun 06/01/08 at 11:55
Posts: 12,425
We used to have one of these threads so I thought it could be brought back in new Freeola shiny form.

Just let us know what game(s) you're currently playing and anything else you wanna say, like where you're up to, if it's a good game etc.

I'm currently playing Oblivion. Bought my first house and have recently beaten everyone at the Arena. Also been playing some Battlefront 2 for the multiplayer, always good. :)
Tue 28/10/08 at 15:43
Posts: 12,425
Just finished Half Life 2 for the second time, now really need a new game. Time to get Fable2 methinks. :)
Sun 19/10/08 at 22:12
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
I'm still putting Football Manager Live through its paces. Release date is pretty close so my spell as beta tester will be over soon.
Sun 19/10/08 at 21:21
Posts: 15,681
I'm currently playing a Japanese version of Phonex Wright Ace Attorney Trials and it for half the price of the UK release about 2 months before it came out here too :)
Sun 19/10/08 at 14:54
Posts: 12,425
Decided to plug in my Xbox again, been playing the original Mercenaries and Half Life 2. I hate Ravenholm!
Mon 18/02/08 at 16:55
Posts: 12
When I get chance: Juiced 2 on PC. Great in small sessions.

Just got myself a Yaroze PS1 and a dreamcast - so will be playing around on those for a while. Going to give the Club (PC) a go tonight :)
Wed 13/02/08 at 13:26
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Picked up NiGHTS on Wii and The Club on PS3 for 19.99 each in GAME. Actually had a lot of trade in, so I managed to get them for 3 for both in the end.

The Club is one of those games I'm not sure about. It's fun in small doses but feels a bit like something is missing. Still, haven't played it online yet. NiGHTS is...well, just go and read my review!

I've just managed to grab a copy of Endless Ocean as well, after everywhere sold out. Got it in my pocket now, so hopefully I'll be playing that when I get home.
Wed 13/02/08 at 10:28
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
currently playing

Command and conquer RA2 yuri's revenge
Castlevania Portrait of ruin
Advance wars 2
Starcraft (kinda)
Tue 12/02/08 at 23:17
Posts: 12,425
Recently got Viva Pinata and Halo 3. Loving them both. :)
Fri 08/02/08 at 21:53
"There is onlyONE!!!"
Posts: 43
i was picked out of a random selection for registering my game
Fri 08/02/08 at 12:47
Posts: 4,488
Oh and im just about to go buy devil may cry for ps3 - so see you all in a week lol

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