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"My Digital Catalogue Challenge"

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Wed 02/09/15 at 20:52
Posts: 15,681
It may be extreme tiredness talking, or it may be me trying to get my money's worth out of my gaming, but I have decided to set myself a challenge to go through my digital gaming catalogue, starting with Steam, playing through each title (not necessarily to completion) and writing a review of each one based on my experiences.

I currently have 510 Steam games (I'm a sucker for Steam sales and Humble Bundles) so this will take me a while. If I ever finish it, I will move on to other catalogues, whether that's my PS Vita, 3DS, Origin (yuck, :)) or GOG, but I'm just interested in seeing how far I can go with this before I either burn out or lose interest.

Obviously some games are old, some are recent, so this will be quite varied. I'll put the list of those I've reviewed below incase anyone wants to follow this.

My limitations will be time (which is why this will take me a while). I have three children now - my youngest born almost two weeks ago, so I only get a couple of hours per night (at most) to play. And I will no doubt get distracted by other things. So again, this is more of a personal challenge.

Feel free to follow this and let me know what you think. My Steam ID is darkedgy if anyone wants to add me, just let me know who you are too. And perhaps I'll ask for suggestions on what to play next.

Every challenge has to have a start - so working alphanumerically, I'll start with 140.

(to give you an idea, I have also included total times played at time of review)

Edgy's Digital Challenge

Reviews on Freeola:
140 Steam - 1h 14m 2/9/2015
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition Steam - 2h+ 3/9/2015
Age of Empires III Steam - 13h+ 25/9/2015
Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs (DLC) Steam - 18h 27/6/2016
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (DLC) Steam - 11h 27/6/2016
Alien Isolation - In progress

HM's Digital Challenge

Reviews on Freeola:
The Escapists Xbox One 25h 3/9/2015
The Escapists: Alcatraz DLC Xbox One 25m 6/9/2015
Wed 15/06/16 at 23:29
Posts: 15,681
I eventually found the time to complete The War Chiefs. Am now playing through the second expansion. The review of War Chiefs will probably come with the Asian Dynasties as there is very little to add to my original review of AoEIII in the first expansion.
Sun 11/10/15 at 18:10
Posts: 15,681
Steam...Why are you now telling me it's 565 games?

Slightly uphill challenge ahead of me still...
Mon 28/09/15 at 23:21
Posts: 15,681
Surely Frozen needs to be reviewed? :D

My wife downloaded the mobile version (assuming its the same game) a while back - I think she intended it for my eldest to occupy himself with, but she got addicted to it for a while.

I haven't tried it myself...
Sat 26/09/15 at 08:17
Posts: 4,686
I'm still here...been playing a range of games - Deer God, Frozen Snowball Fight (wish I hadn't) and Halo Master Chief Edition. Plus lots of other non-game related tasks too!
Fri 25/09/15 at 22:23
Posts: 15,681
And that's AoE III reviewed - now for the first of two expansions.
Fri 25/09/15 at 21:19
Posts: 15,681
I was having difficulty getting AOEIII online last night so I decided to give it a quick go...I'm gonna have so much fun playing this!
Thu 24/09/15 at 23:21
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
I'm with DL on Shadow Warrior (remake) it's one of the most fun video games I've ever played.

I also cannot wait for the sequel, it looks awesome! Really hope it sells as it deserves to as its predecessor was stupidly underrated IMHO.
Thu 24/09/15 at 18:32
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
The choice is yours ... as they say Edgy ;)

Shadow Warrior 2 is due Spring 2016 ... so be quick ;)
Thu 24/09/15 at 16:53
Posts: 15,681
In which case that's what is next on my list :)

At some point I'll have to move to the classic version - which will be interesting as I've not really played it since I got it in a steam sale. I'm used to playing the original before the remake :)
Thu 24/09/15 at 15:00
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Edgy wrote:
... and once reviewed I can move on to Shadow Warrior.

Was it the remake, or the classic I was meant to be trying?

It was the superb remake Edgy :)

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