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"It hurts....."

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Tue 08/08/06 at 19:38
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
I just injured myself by slipping on a metal fence that hasn't been put up yet, hurts like hell and a nasty looking bruise on my back.
But luckily, nothing important seems to be damaged, which is obviously good.

So, whats the worst injuries you've ever gotten?
Sun 13/08/06 at 09:43
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
That last one was a bit funny....but the rest sound very painful, especially the on with the spring across your eye.
Sat 12/08/06 at 21:08
Posts: 18,487

4 broken bones in my foot and my ankle (My fault, jumping off a climbing frame aged 9)

The other ankle (not my fault, PE lesson, trampoline, just following what i was told)

Left wrist (Also my fault, tripped up in a PE lesson when i was under doctors orders not to take part)

Right wrist (My fault, messing around with a friend, i enziguiried him, landed on metal doorstop and snapped my arm in half)

Slashed my hand wide open (Yep, my fault, walking on a wall aged 10, fell off, dont know how i cut it but i've never seen so much blood)

Nearly lost my right eye (My fault, taking apart furniture, wasn't standing far enough back and the spring slashed back across my face, cutting my nose and eyelid)

Effectively paralysed for 4 days (My fault, was in bed with my ex and she was asleep on my arm, so instead of waking her i just slept awkwardly. Woke up the next morning with a severe trapped nerve in my neck meaning i could barely move. Worst pain ever)

* Reads back *

Thats a lot of stupidity. I'm probably forgetting plenty as well.
Fri 11/08/06 at 00:34
Posts: 7,037
Ouch. There's a lotta pain in this thread.

Fortunately, I've only ever bruised my ribs after falling down the stairs.
Fri 11/08/06 at 00:04
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I think I would pay to see that.
Thu 10/08/06 at 23:58
Posts: 380
Some nasty firemen bullied me into a tumble drier and spin cycled me.
Thu 10/08/06 at 19:32
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
My brother once ran straight through a glass door.......ouch.
Thu 10/08/06 at 12:48
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Smashed my head into a tv, lots of stitches, blew a knee playing football. Broken and fractured loads of fingers/toes whilst playing football or just plain drunkenness. Not broken anything major tho, so i'm fortunate.
Wed 09/08/06 at 14:55
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Gone Away wrote:
> 3 broken fingers playing Basketball.

8 for me :-D Also due to that i can't touchtype properly as my little finger has almost no mobility in it so can't reach the keys
Wed 09/08/06 at 14:37
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
Oh yeah, a bit like yours gone away, I was playing hurling and I got the ball off this fat goalie. He paniced and swung like a maniac, as hard as he could. Straight in the shin, oww.

And I got my foot run over when me and my dumb brother where fighting over the front seat in the car, he pushed me away and when I was getting up I had my foot just beside the wheel. Reverse, and AAAARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!*Cry*
It hurt like hell.
Wed 09/08/06 at 14:02
Posts: 9,808
Take your pick, I've done a lot of damage to myself over the years.

Blown out my knee ad snapped all the ligamets when a fat striker landed on my leg playing football.

Sliced my thumb open with an craft knife whilst breaking down boxes in my my old job. I too could see bone.

Concussion when a hammer fell off a shelf and landed on my head.

3 broken fingers playing Basketball.

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