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"So, Halo 3 then..."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Halo 3'.
Tue 25/09/07 at 12:07
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Who's getting Halo 3? Are you looking forward to it, Apathetic towards it or wouldn't touch it with a barge pole?
Sun 04/11/07 at 16:10
Posts: 4,686
Chaos wrote:
> Any game you can complete in 12 hours on Legendary mode, isn't
> worth a fiver in my opinion.

Was co-op mind you.

I have it for the online play.
Sun 04/11/07 at 16:09
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Any game you can complete in 12 hours on Legendary mode, isn't worth a fiver in my opinion.
Sun 04/11/07 at 15:51
Posts: 4,686
gr13ve wrote:
> Anyone got through it on Legendary yet? I done it with 2 mates
> on coop was bloody solid dont think I could have done it alone.
> Nice wee bit extra in the ending as well.

My stepbrother and I did it. Certain parts were a walk in the park, whilst the others had us stuck for a good 30 mins at a time. Did it in 12 hours and now going through the scoring version to get the last few achievements.
Sun 04/11/07 at 10:23
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
Posts: 320
hippyman wrote:
> Favourite site on web now... (*apart from freeola)

Sat 03/11/07 at 11:00
Posts: 4,686
Cant find the post, but brillian for posting the link to zero punctuation.

Favourite site on web now... (*apart from freeola)
Mon 29/10/07 at 20:45
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
Posts: 320
i got a xbox 360 and am buying it soooooooooooon loolz
Wed 17/10/07 at 21:57
Posts: 14,117
Garin wrote:
> Thats how its meant to be.

Well that's pants.
Wed 17/10/07 at 19:58
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
Played it in a demo in my Xtravision. Seems good, no vehicles in the demo though. I'd love to try online, but there's no way I'm buying a 360.
Wed 17/10/07 at 17:42
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
rule of 3.
i didn`t like halo
i didn`t like halo 2

Halo 3?.. this i like. for some reason it feels easier to play, and there`s more in there for people who play like me (charge in firing manically until i die :D ), such as being able to pull turret guns from their stands and wander round with them.

i`ve enjoyed the multiplayer for the first time ever and and also enjoying playing through the campaign with a mate.
this hasn`t made me forgive the first 2 being so lame (to my mind), but it`s good enough to make me forget them.
Wed 17/10/07 at 15:36
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
Thats how its meant to be.

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