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"GCSE Exam Results"

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Wed 22/08/07 at 00:15
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Anyone else expecting? I'm hella shook but I'll probably get a couple'o As. I'll post when I get but right now I'm off to numb the fear.
Sun 02/09/07 at 16:11
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My sister is getting her exam results!
Fri 31/08/07 at 22:28
"Hellfire Stoker"
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One of my mates was actually quite amused about getting G on GCSE Electronics, but he did undertake the exam in a very, erm, stoned state...
Fri 31/08/07 at 17:04
"Mad as a badger!"
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Anything below a C-D I class as a fail school wise, as you need C's to get into 6th form/college most of the time. although I got a D or two and some other rubbish along with my B's and C's.

Our systems are soo soo poor now, people say, "ooh you can't tell someone they have failed because they will be dis-heartened!".

WOW, what a bunch of utter rubbish. If you get anything below D's (which I did, so this is not me on an high and mighty stance here!) you're going to feel crap anyway, If I got a G or something that's gonna suck, I would know I have failed, so tell me I've bloomin failed!! It makes no difference at all how you say it, G, U, whatever...YOU HAVE FAILED :)

So yeah, I'm glad to be out of the education system now, as everything has gone to hell :)

P.s Congratulations everyone who has had their results, and Good luck for anyone who has not yet had them, whatever you get, be proud of yourself! There are always plenty of options out there for you!
Thu 30/08/07 at 20:11
"Hellfire Stoker"
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Rastab wrote:
> For all intents and purposes in terms of employment, anything
> below a C is a fail...

Thank you, finally I can back up what I was saying to friends about anything below B being a crap grade with, er, some modicum of proof!
Thu 30/08/07 at 19:42
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Why did you just post the letter 'A'?
Thu 30/08/07 at 18:27
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
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Thu 30/08/07 at 17:12
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gunnerkid4 wrote:
> a

You'll have to clarify, i'm confused :S
Sat 25/08/07 at 23:44
"you've got a beard"
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Alfonse wrote:
> G stands for goood.

Sat 25/08/07 at 20:24
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
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Fri 24/08/07 at 19:54
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G stands for goood.

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