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"The Truth"

The "General Games Chat" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Sun 13/01/02 at 11:29
Posts: 787
A lot of you have been saying that I am Shaneo aka Firebalt, and here is the truth.

I am Shaneo.

But wait, before you shout at me - I would like to say something.

I copied as Shaneo and Firebalt and I really regret it, so I decided to get away from the pressure and never copy again or go into "copy rehabilitation", if you like. The GAD's I have won are not copied and I plan to never copy again. My name is Shaun, I go to Boswells School in Chelmsford, Esssex and now you know the truth.

I have made some great friends, such as Dan2k1, Er-No, Grix, Pb etc and I hope that this won't affect our friendship.

Here's how I decieved you:

I talked all that French with Altavista Translator, all those Lyrics were posted from a lyrics site and those pictures of my "girlfriend" were taken from a dating website. Also, I do not play electric guitar, nor do I have one (I plan to) - therefore, I do not play gigs.

In reply to this topic, please do not post "I knew he was Shaneo" or anything similar, as I want to start a fresh slate, write some excellent posts and make friends.

Thanks for reading.
Mon 14/01/02 at 18:44
"I am Bumf Ucked"
Posts: 3,669
Knew this, coz he had my MSN.

Whatever, he may as well stay. If he hasn't been copying anything then he's done no harm.
Mon 14/01/02 at 18:20
Posts: 11,024
I understand why he did it, and it doesn't bother me that much - because I registered AFTER Salevaa anyway...

But the one thing I don't understand is why he made up all the little bits on the side, like the topic about him doing his first gig. It wasn't really necessary. I thought there was something fishy about the wording in that topic, but obviously I couldn't have guessed the truth, not least because I'm new here myself.
Mon 14/01/02 at 17:28
Posts: 23,695
Salevaa, banned. Somehow that didn't sound right. Did SR think that this was copied, do they know that this is copied? Meh, anyway, cya Shaneo.
Mon 14/01/02 at 17:19
Posts: 16,548
Okey doke Tom. My MSN ain't working either.
Mon 14/01/02 at 17:05
"Wasting away"
Posts: 2,230
Stryke, I can't get on MSN or hotmail. Come onto my forums and private message me your address, then, I'll order X-Men for ya.
Mon 14/01/02 at 16:59
Posts: 10,759
mandatare wrote:
> what election is going on?
if anyone can enter, then can I?

I'm gonna be the good samaritan and explain all....//
Right now mandatare you will be bullied by regulars an regulars... but NOT noatables becuase they're good guys who are voted by people liek YOU to become notable and have a different color name... this time around you probably wont be voted as a notable cause you're new to the game like me but by next time build up your reputation and hopefully(if you're nice) you'll become a notable...

[email protected]
Mon 14/01/02 at 16:59
Posts: 16,548
You don't "enter". It's an election for notable. Everyone gets a vote, and you vote for the person who you think contributes best to the forums. You can vote for any regular, I think.
Mon 14/01/02 at 16:58
Posts: 23,284

Everytime I read up on the story I'm too tired to write in it :)

Off to read it again.
Mon 14/01/02 at 16:55
"Conversation Killer"
Posts: 5,550
what election is going on?
if anyone can enter, then can I?
Mon 14/01/02 at 16:55
Posts: 16,548
Hit the nail on the head, Sheepy. Why aren't you contributing to the story, you evil person type Scot?

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