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Sat 15/02/03 at 14:57
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Today I recieved a parcel through my door, I opened it with excitement and inside was a mint copy of Rez. I had been expecting as I won a bid for it online. The waiting was over, but it was worth the wait.

Many people have said that Rez is a game that is a bit like Marmite, you either 'Love it' or 'Hate it'. I can clearly say, that I LOVE it. As soon as I put the disk into my Dreamcast, a huge breath of fresh air hit me. Rez is unlike ANY game I have played in my life. It is addictive yet fairly challenging at the same time. It is so hard to describe this game, but it is one which I immediately fell in love with. What is even more strange, is that after 5 minutes of playing this game, a smile was on my face, I was loving every minute of this remarkable original game. It has been a long time since I have felt this content and happy about a game. To put it bluntly, it strikes emotions you never knew where inside you. There is an undescribable feeling you have whilst playing this game (apart from feeling as if you are on a high).

Many of you, will look at screenshots of it on the internet, or read reviews of it, and shrug it off. I was the same, I saw the 'boring' wireframe graphics and read the reviews of it, 'not working quite as well as it should'. Thats rubbish, as soon as the game starts on the first stage, the whole room is filled with vibrant colours and massive spheres glowing, whilst enemies flash past you as you desperately try to target them to create a chain reaction of hits, which creates a tune that plays. Combining this tune wih the background sound adds to the unique experience even more! In my view, nothing in a game is more important that originality, and Sega have done it again. This is without doubt one of the most original games ever made. Some call it a musical shooter, other call it adventure. I call it all of those, take all the descriptions, wrap them up in one and slap them on a Dreamcast disk and that is Rez.

Rez might not sell millions, in fact not many people have heard of it. But I dont want this game to go without being heard first. It is a shame few copies where made, but I recommend everyone to play this game, and to experience the delights of Rez, a unique, vibrant, addictive game that just screams for you to play it. So if you ever do come across a little known title, by the name of Rez. Dont walk by ignorant, give it a try. It might not be for everyone, but I can gauarante that it will get respect, because in a world of sequels and ports Rez really is a 'breath of fresh air.'

Wed 09/07/03 at 18:32
"Same as above^"
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Now, Now, children play nice or you'll be seperated!
Wed 09/07/03 at 17:17
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Oh and whats this home cinema guru balls you keep spweing out. I have a decent setup with some very good equipment. I only mentioned the fact that they compared both versions through identical home cinema setups instead of guessing which was the best version. Its not just one review there were quite few which stated this. Judging by the crap which you are coming out with I think I will go with their reviews.
Wed 09/07/03 at 17:14
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Stop being a kn0b and just accept the fact that you are wrong.
Wed 09/07/03 at 10:54
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
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Oh here we go... "I've got this... I've got that.... therefore I know more than you!" Except of course you don't even own the actual PS2 game...

I do run it at 60hz because my Dreamcast and PS2 are both Japanese. Unlike you I don't feel the need to brag about all my kit but I also run both through a DTS/Dolby digital receiver. Which naturally means the PS2 version also has crystal clear sound due to the optical connection, which the Dreamcast doesn't have (I said this ages ago). Quite why you brought up 'surround' as being a prerequisite I don't know, because as you already said the game is coded in stereo. Bit of 'hi-fi envy' creeping in there I think ;-)

The PS2 version simply has a higher framerate, and it's got f*&k all to do with the AV setup. If you were such a home cinema guru you would know that already.

Why not check on eBay and see how much the Transvibrator pack sells for these days, that'll show you which is most in demand, since you seem to be more swayed by popular opinion than facts.
Fri 04/07/03 at 11:01
Posts: 10,489
What are you gibbering like a monkey for?

I am going by accurate comments from bother versions of the game and what they said about it. Also the fact that I own an Xbox, GameCube, Dreamcast and within the next couple of weeks a PS2 which makes your judgement scaling on the verge of hilarity. No I haven't played both to see the differences but yes I have read more than a handful of reviews which compare both versions of the game. The Dreamcast version came out on top every time.

Try running it through 60HZ on a 32" Widescreen TV with an Advanced scart cable hooked up to a surround sound system. These were the conditions of which a few ran both versions at.
Fri 04/07/03 at 09:58
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Well, if you like - I was actually meaning the people who claim to have played both and say the Dreamcast is smoother running - there's no reason for such an inaccurate claim EXCEPT 'fanboyism'.

I suppose endlessly arguing the case for the DC version being better even though there's no particular point in doing so would be fanboy behaviour too.
Thu 03/07/03 at 17:50
Posts: 10,489

We are all fanboys?

Funniest thing I have read all week. What an idiot.
Thu 03/07/03 at 16:57
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
I'm not going up against anyone except you lot! I didn't read those gameranking reviews, because I don't need to - I'm not discussing opinions here... it's a simple fact that the PS2 version runs at a higher frame rate.

Any one who says otherwise, assuming they have actually played both, is clearly a fan boy!
Thu 03/07/03 at 16:40
Posts: 10,489
No its nothing like that. The fact that you are going up against numerous people who have had both running next to each other comparing doesn't hold with me at all. If it was only one review I had read then I wouldn't contest it. However the fact that so many reported the Dreamcast version to run and look better seals it for me.
Thu 03/07/03 at 14:33
"I love yo... lamp."
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