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"Strange, but true..."

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Tue 08/01/02 at 18:56
Posts: 787
Did you know that the longest name officially used by a person is:

Adolph Blaine Chrales David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Llowd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Zeus Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorft Sr.?

Notice the pattern?

And there are 1,929,770,126,028,800 different colour combinations on a Rubik's Cube

The longest name of a hill is

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaunga horonukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. (Without the space, of course)

Oh, and that is the name of a New Zealand hill, might I add.

And finally in this set of extremely interesting, yet useless facts is that it takes three months to make one episode of The Simpsons.

Looking for any other kind of totally useless (yet not) things? Try searching for 'Chindogu'.

Chindogu are totally un-useless Japanese inventions; and some are very funny.

Thanks for reading
Tue 08/01/02 at 21:06
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
Essex is the largest populated county in england (I can't back that up)
Tue 08/01/02 at 21:05
Posts: 0
Why would it of hurt my feelings you quagmire!!!!!
Tue 08/01/02 at 21:04
Posts: 0
Therik wrote:
> I have no reply for a someone who will post such a stupid remark

Have I hurt your feelings.

And besides, you'll find a lot of silly remarks on the Chat forum.
Tue 08/01/02 at 21:02
Posts: 0
I have no reply for a someone who will post such a stupid remark
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:59
Posts: 0
Therik wrote:
> i was calling willow a chimp

Yes, well Willow will set the pixies on you in a minute. They'll use they're love dust on you and you will fall in love with your dog.
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:54
Posts: 0
i was calling willow a chimp
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:53
Posts: 23,218
his name is like the alphabet.
the simpsons has been showing repeats lately aswell.

usless invention

Inflatable Dartboard
One Piece Jig Saw Puzzle
Under water hairdryer
Chocolate Fire guard.
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:52
Posts: 0
No she is actually a four year long member of macdonalds who has a fantasy about her and willow (the dwarf from the film willow).
Who also thinks that i take my nickname seriously. Anyway enough talk of fools and lets start talking about classic games like Star Wars Tie Fighter and X-wing.
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:50
"Mm reprocessed meat"
Posts: 967
Outlaw_UK wrote:
> Shut up Half Pint. Give this guy a break, just because he isn't a regular you
> have to start making fun of him with your large paraphrases. Well, you
> conscripulating little padawan - if he was a notable you wouldn't say anything.
> So give this guy a chance.

The reason halfpint is having a go at him is because therik called him a chimp! Not 'cos he's a jat!
Tue 08/01/02 at 20:50
"Trout a la creme"
Posts: 2,858
I learnt that today in my forensic science lecture, as well as tips on commiting crimes such as to eat before you rob, as there was a case where a burgular who ate some cheese in a house he was stealing from and the police identified him from the teeth marks in the cheese.

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