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"Unreal 2"

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Tue 04/03/03 at 19:17
Posts: 787
Coolest game for ages or what?

I mean yeah, maybe the gameplay is too slow, and maybe it needs one hell of a PC to get going, but this game kicks some serious butt. Superb graphics and some great music too.

Shame about the length though. I finished it on hard in 3 days. Oh well, back to waiting for Doom 3.
Wed 09/04/03 at 03:09
Posts: 3
Does anyone know how to kill the killer droid that splits in tow after you shoot it enough times and then goes back to gether and kills you more. I just can't kill this alien killing machine. Between the double lasser gun and fire hose of flames, this thing is unstopable. Please help!!
Thu 13/03/03 at 15:05
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Insane Bartender wrote:
> Why am I bothering to write all this over such a small point?

You tend to write more when you are proving your point.
Thu 13/03/03 at 15:02
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
Giz a kiss, sexy
Thu 13/03/03 at 15:02
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Meh, it doesnt even matter.

I have a headache and need a drink.
Thu 13/03/03 at 15:00
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
Oh well. I'm just quoting what I read on the subject anyway.
Thu 13/03/03 at 14:58
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Actually it's called "recycling" when an author repeats basic plots/structures from their own works.

*Pedantic since birth*
Tue 11/03/03 at 11:09
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
I can define plagiarism myself thanks. The idea of plagiarising your own work is a turn of phrase that is often applied to novelists who write the same story time and again but with a different skin.

Michael Crichton:

Jurassic Park

All these novels are essentially the same. Obviously, it's not plagiarism in its purest form, as it's all his own work, but he's still copying rather than writing original stuff.

The same idea could be applied to the whole System Shock II/Deus Ex thing. Copying their own stuff.

Why am I bothering to write all this over such a small point?
Tue 11/03/03 at 11:02
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
System Shock 3, now that'd be a game I'd love to see in development.
Mon 10/03/03 at 17:32
"You love us!"
Posts: 370
Small Frog wrote:
> I'd like to apologise for my behaviour. It was unneccessary and unfair
> to you, Mr Bartender. Your point is a fair one. The game is relatively
> dull and formulaic, and my rash response was unjustified.
> Same to you, Mr Grix.
> Out of interest, wasn't System Shock designed by Ion Storm Austin, the
> same guys that made Deus Ex? That would have made Deus Ex more of an
> attempt to expand upon established ideas, rather than plagarism. Oh
> well...

System Shock (and the rather excellent sequel) was dev'd by Looking Glass Studios; the same guys that produced Thief and Thief 2. All four games were massive flops at retail despite all four of them being amazing games in their own right.

Warren Spector, the main man on Deus Ex, worked for Looking Glass, and worked on both System Shock and Thief - not sure about the sequels. But he was one of the leading lights in the creation of both SS and Thief – and being as the sequel mainly built on the premise and idea of the first game(s), I guess you could give him (and his team of which he was head) credit for coming up with the concept if not the actual *game* the sequels became.

When looking Glass when belly up, Spector and most of the Thief/System Shock dev teams jumped ship and ended up and Ion Storm Austin.

Ion Storm Austin = most of Looking Glass Studios

This fact is the main reason why Ion Storm Austin is working on Thief 3 – because the two guys who came up with the idea (Spector & Smith) work there, along with most of their devs.

Oh and IB, just for the record…

The act of Plagiarism, by definition, requires the plagiariser to copy the work (and or ideas) of someone else and present it as his or her own.

So no, Spector is not guilt of plagiarism. Merely ‘reusing’ (albeit in a different guise and style) a concept that he (and his team) came up with a few years ago.
Fri 07/03/03 at 22:08
Posts: 11,652
I personall though that the game was crap...
it was soo crap that i deleted it about 4 days after playing it...
But this is probbaly because i am used to playing on my xbox, so most pc game just wont seem as good...

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