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"Favourite or most memorable quote you like"

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Sat 07/07/07 at 19:56
Posts: 465
I can't think of one right now but will post as soon as i do, but post yours :)
Tue 14/08/07 at 22:12
Posts: 16
If I had a mother like you I wouldn't stop breast feeding until I was 40
Thu 09/08/07 at 11:20
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
"Did you have any trouble getting in?"
"No, the guy with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle."
Thu 09/08/07 at 10:51
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
"on the 6th day, god created man.... on the 7th day man returned the favour"
Tue 07/08/07 at 10:57
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
"all your base are belong to us"
Tue 07/08/07 at 04:47
Posts: 23,216
I like lots of quotes.

I like "You say that the river finds it's way to the sea, and just like the river you will reach me"

I don't know why but it sticks with me.

I could probably quote a thousand things from Watchmen, I'll read it again and report back.
Mon 06/08/07 at 23:41
Posts: 20,776
Nothing musical about your chair Tim ... it wouldn't know an ABBA medley if it was slapped repeatedly with it.
Mon 06/08/07 at 23:14
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
At a party, just after several people had all moved up and shuffled to let other people sit down, someone jokingly said "Let's play musical chairs!" to which I replied "I bet I win ...".

Many chuckles ensued.
Mon 06/08/07 at 22:36
Posts: 20,776
"Your rights will be read at your funeral ..."

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings ..."

"The truth was a burning green crack through my brain. Weapon statistics hanging in the air, glimpsed out of the corner of my eye. Endless repetition of the act of shooting, time slowing down to show off my moves. The paranoid feel of someone controlling my every step. I was in a computer game. Funny as Hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of."

"Just when you thought you had reached the deepest depths of horror, it suddenly got worse. How to turn off that small voice inside your head that started to whisper that you should be glad... that now, if not before, your revenge was justifiable on any conceivable moral scale. That small voice proved, beyond any doubt, that I was damned."

"After Y2K the end of the world had become a cliché. But who was I to talk, a brooding underdog avenger alone against an empire of evil out to right a grave injustice. Everything was subjective. There were only personal apocalypses. Nothing is a cliché when it's happening to you."

- Max Payne(!) (Love that game ;)
Fri 13/07/07 at 19:19
Posts: 20,776
"When there's always biscuits in the tin, where's the fun in biscuits?"

Gary Strang, Men behaving badly
Wed 11/07/07 at 14:54
Posts: 33,481
I made poopie


Bunnies don't do dusting... but they can DANCE!

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