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"What will you be buying in 2011?"

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Fri 02/09/11 at 15:25
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
The summer games drought is ending. driver SF is released today and the biggest games of the year are only a few weeks away.

With Gear of War 3, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, COD, Resistence 3 and many others on the way, will you be trying to get them all, none or somewhere in between?

Which one are you most looking forward to and why?
Tue 15/11/11 at 16:56
Posts: 15
i bought Skyrim today. freakin amazing
Sun 06/11/11 at 12:54
Posts: 261
I am looking forward to Zelda: Skyward Sword most, as I'm hoping that Nintendo come up with some interesting level design and 1-on-1 swordplay battles. I am also looking forward to trying Ico/Sotc collection as I missed it on the ps2, as a game based on environmental boss puzzles sounds interesting . My bro is interested in buying Uncharted 3 so I'm wondering how much I'll like it, if he buys it.
Thu 08/09/11 at 09:03
"And in last place.."
Posts: 2,054
I'm finding there isn't a great deal really interesting me at the moment. Gears 3 looks impressive but I can't escape the seen it all before feeling. The only games to have really caught my eye are the new Trials HD and Joe Danger games... must be going through a motorbike phase.
Wed 07/09/11 at 19:16
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
*in order*

FIFA 12 (providing the demo is not buggy on slim PS3's)
F1 2011
NHL 12
Battlefield 3
Wed 07/09/11 at 18:53
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
May just have to add Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to my earlier post of BF3
Wed 07/09/11 at 16:19
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
McLong wrote:
Butchio, I can pre-order from them on your behalf if you want to bet that Prime delivery will arrive on launch day?

Nah, will still have Uncharted, Skyrim and FM12 to play, so one day off launch wont bother me all that much.
Wed 07/09/11 at 09:36
Posts: 791
I'll probably get mine from Amazon, as I foolishly signed up for Amazon Prime trial and forgot to cancel it! So I may as well get my money's worth, and SURELY that means launch-date delivery, right?

Butchio, I can pre-order from them on your behalf if you want to bet that Prime delivery will arrive on launch day?

Edit: CyclonMonk, I think that's a wise decision. I've traditionally picked up CoD every damn year, despite promising myself I wouldn't. This year I really won't buy it. I hope.

Battlefield will be bought though, if not by me then by my flatmate.
Wed 07/09/11 at 09:26
"Die Potato!!!"
Posts: 24
Usually id buy call of duty but with how bad black ops was im starting to think call of duty is milked. so im spending my money on battlefield 3.
Tue 06/09/11 at 22:45
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Amazon have just lowered their price, which is why they are now the same. Previously they had a higher price.

Noticed that they've lowered the Star Wars Blu Ray collection as well, now the cheapest place on the net for it.
Tue 06/09/11 at 18:56
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255

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