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"If you could do any job..."

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Fri 02/09/11 at 15:22
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
If you could work anywhere, irrespective of money or your qualifications, what would you most like to do?

I'd love to own an indie game and entertainment store or be a 'proper' (ie paid) Games Journalist.

The former is virtually impossible given the conditions on the high street and the economy and the latter is possible, and i really think i could get in on merit of experience, but looking at the salaries I'd have to take a pay cut and move.
Thu 29/12/11 at 21:47
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Very difficult one... I guess I don't get anything close to the full experience of being a historian until I start teaching as well as doing research next year, but I like the look of it aside from wrestling with university bureaucracy.

And trying to get things published. Etc etc.

I'll go for TV personality. I can usually be relied upon to say something divisive/sickening/confusing and in some way related to 19th century history after a few drinks, would probably give me a long career on BBC3 and/or worse!
Thu 15/12/11 at 11:12
Posts: 29
cool you could be an actor
Tue 13/12/11 at 20:32
Posts: 25
GABBYGIRL101 wrote:
i would love to own a bookshop but because they are now getting shut down =(

reading your post l just had a flash back of channel 4s black books don't no way lol

back on thread l like building things so prop design for TV / Film
Tue 13/12/11 at 13:26
Posts: 29
i would love to own a bookshop but because they are now getting shut down =(
Thu 13/10/11 at 17:02
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
I don't mind playing bad games. I've put in 200 hours+ on at least 2 games I hate in the past year or 2.

As for running a site, I know nothing about that side of things and I can't afford to run even a cheap site at the moment.
Thu 13/10/11 at 15:15
Posts: 19,415
Still that's a lot better than being a games tester. GP you should start a site like pb. I'm sure he has some advice. Maybe you could do some video reviews like the Nostalgia critic and the NES punk.
Thu 13/10/11 at 15:11
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
I suppose the test of any job is how you'll cope with the bad bits. Games journalism sounds great until you realise that a proper review could involve 10 hours of playtime of a game that is awful. And you have to sit there replaying bits of it to make sure what you've written is accurate.
Thu 13/10/11 at 14:30
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
I like the job I have at the moment.

I flitter between dream jobs though, on a daily basis. It normally depends on what movie/news story I have just read. Like a child ....... :(
Thu 13/10/11 at 14:24
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
I'd like to be a games journo. I don't really care about money. I get the feeling I would enjoy doing the job.
Thu 13/10/11 at 14:02
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
This is known. But a trouble maker with a big heart.......

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