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"Metoird Prime, certainly not one for th casual gamer....."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metroid Prime'.
Sat 22/03/03 at 00:31
Posts: 787
As amazing as it is, and as much as I'm loving it, it really is not gonna have much appeal to the casual gamer....well at least not to half the morons in the UK.

Far too much thinking and back tracking, the fact that it's not an all out blaster (I never expected it to be) and more of an adventure says it all really. It hasn't got the pick up and play value that game such as GTA etc have. You really need to spend hours playing it, where as most casual gamers buy crap like GTA becuase they can steal cars and shoot people, hell I doubt half the people who bought GTA even realise there's actually missions to do.

Anyway this isn't a bad thing in my book, it's an amazing game and truely an innovative and original experience. The graphics are simply stunning, the Talon overworld made me nearly soil myself on many a time.

The backtracking element can be a little annoying at times but other than that it's one of the best games i've ever played.
Sat 22/03/03 at 20:06
Posts: 18,185
So backtracking and adventure elements aren't going to appeal to casual gamers?

Hmmm and I thought Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Zelda and such like were a huge success for all types of gamers.

Of course Metroid Prime will be loved by casual gamers... 3 of which come round my house occasionally and is addicted to the game (my brothers friends).

Sat 22/03/03 at 18:52
Posts: 11,038
Mine just crashed when I was scanning the third rune in the watering room.
I'll leave it to cool down for a while, I left it on this morning whilst I went out to town, and, if you want to know why such a great gamer like me is still so far early in the game, I've only played it for about an hourr or two. Maybe three at most.
Sat 22/03/03 at 18:33
Posts: 21,800
I take back what I said about the backtracking being annoying, I was backtracking so much because I'm a tard. I couldn't find what to do so went back through the whole level trying everything out, when in actual fact the answer was staring me right in the face.

Superb game, can't wait to play more of it tonight.
Sat 22/03/03 at 17:37
"I'm not Orgazmo"
Posts: 9,159
Phft I didn't buy it. I chose wasting my money on drink and women.

I reckon I'll buy it off Tilt cheap, I'm pretty sure he'll be selling it in a couple of months. Right. :)
Sat 22/03/03 at 16:41
Posts: 10,364
Metroid Prime is rubbish, You cannot hire prostitutes.

That in turn, Makes it crap, whoever thought of releasing a game without prostitutes?


(Please note, I'm being sarcastic)
Sat 22/03/03 at 16:14
Posts: 10,437
I can see what he means, close up the graphics are extremely blocky, but most of the time they're top-notch.
Sat 22/03/03 at 15:36
Posts: 23,695
Legendary Link wrote:
> i did'nt think the graphics were that great

and then Legendary Link wrote:
> But saying that the graphics are still amazing.


A contradiction if there ever was one.

And it doesn't look at all like it was destined for the N64 - you must have a really blurry TV if you think that is the case, and if you do have a blurry TV, then why did you have what I quoted as the latter part of your previous post?

Sat 22/03/03 at 13:34
"Want a cd key.."
Posts: 3,443
Bah, who said the visuals weren't amazing? Hahaha send him to the doctors.

This game is quality, still trying to get used to the fact there's no strafe and move. Damn TS2 and Die Hard.. but its still a quality game. Just ran out of that silly place and now i'm in the foresty place.

This game is bleedin' superb.

But yes, not for the casual gamer, I think it kinda throws you in at the deep end, learning while playing the game. Not a seperate training part as such.

Those little things that travel in swarms are funny.. morph and bomb away.

(Morph visuals are funning great)

GasMask - Loving every minute
Sat 22/03/03 at 13:25
Posts: 6,228
I'm just exploring Tallon Overworld at the moment - i don't want to rush anything of this gaming perfection.
Sat 22/03/03 at 13:17
Posts: 1,150
Thats why if they had put a multiplayer it would be good for hours of gameplay (single player) and if you just had 5 mins spare you could just go into multiplayer and "blow stuff up", as some would say.

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