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"Gamecube beats PS2 in sales!"

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Thu 27/03/03 at 17:07
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YES!! Thats correct, last week Gamecube sold more than the PS2 did! Due to Metroid Prime and the price slashing going on, presumbably...

Cube Europe:
"For the week ending March 22nd the GameCube has managed to sell 60% more than the previous week.
PS2, Xbox and GBA all dropped by about 10-15%.

Nintendo of Europe's PR agent Shelly Friend recently spoke about this issue:
"We've had a great week - GameCube sold around 14,000 units in the UK and on top of that Metroid Prime
launched at number one in the all- formats charts. Now we're just looking forward to the launch of GBA SP
which we expect to be a great success."

This Friday sees the release of GBA SP in Europe so expect more high sales from Nintendo. "

(Originally posted by Tphi in the Ninty forum on the 25th of march 2003)
Sun 06/04/03 at 17:45
"I rule"
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I totally agree with what your saying, there have been much better games out than Metroid prime, so I don't see the point why hundreds of people are flooding out to buy it, it's ridiculous!
Sat 05/04/03 at 22:05
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Maverick42 wrote:
> Well the Argos deal lasts until April 23rd (alledgedly), Flying Pig,
> so you've got time.

That's all well and good, and money isn't really an issue, but the girlfriend would kill me. Besides I don't really have time to play my PS2 as often as I would like so certainly wouldn't have time to get the full benefit from a GC as well.....

Fri 04/04/03 at 20:11
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I thought that. Then I started treating it more like a Zelda game, than a FPS. Now, it's that fantastic game worth buying a 'Cube for.
Wed 02/04/03 at 23:36
"High polygon count"
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I bought Metroid Prime for my Gamecube, and I am enjoying playing it.

But to be honest, while it *is* a very good game, *in my opinion* there's certainy nothing especially outstanding about it. I can't understand why people are flooding out to buy 'cubes because of it. There have been better games released on the machine already.
Wed 02/04/03 at 23:36
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Borrow the cash, it's not going to take long to pay back. That's what a few friends of mine are doing.
Wed 02/04/03 at 10:41
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id rather metroid prime not come out and argos keep its low cost gc until i can buy it
Tue 01/04/03 at 22:53
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Well the Argos deal lasts until April 23rd (alledgedly), Flying Pig, so you've got time.
Mon 31/03/03 at 14:03
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Damn you Nintendo! My PS2 and I were happy, there was little temptation to stray - she offered everything I wanted and needed. Sure I'd glance at other consoles - just to see what delights they could offer, but nothing that made me reconsider my choice or even think about being another console into the relationship.

And now this. Not only is the small and exciting Gamecube ridiculously cheap (not that I pay-per-play), not only would she consider linking up with my GBA for some multi-console action (!!!), but worst of all there are some games due that I really want.


I could handle not having Metroid Prime, it isn't necessary for my life, but me and Samus could have a lot of fun together.... but with Zelda coming too - with OOT and Ura bundled - life just ain't fair!!

It all came to a head this weekend - I was shopping (alone) with money to spend. On my way to Argos (it's not often I'd admit to that!) to see if they had any GC's in stock, but dropped into on the way.

I didn't go home with a GC, or any lovely consumer electronics - I bought at ...... Bathroom Cabinet.

And it was almost as much as the lovely GC that I was going to buy.

I cried myself to sleep saturday night (maybe that was the alcohol though...)


Disclaimer: Contrary to how it appears above, I am a well adjusted and mentally stable member of society.
Fri 28/03/03 at 22:26
"period drama"
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Diplomat wrote:
> i'm not religious, btw

Made me laugh.
Fri 28/03/03 at 22:03
"The Will of D."
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But you have to take into account that the PS2 has been out for more than a year already before the gamecube was released.

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