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"Aliens: Could they exist?"

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Sun 29/08/10 at 21:43
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
Last year I watched a program about how we came into existance, and it got me thinking about the possibility of life in other galaxies.

Without going into too much 'boring' detail, billions of years ago Earth used to have a sister planet, and at some point, both planets collided which tilted Earth on it's axis, and also destroyed the sister planet. But from the debris of this event the Moon was formed.

Then through millions of years of evolution, life started to form as the Moon created the tides and the Sun provided the heat required to create this new life.

So without this 'chance' chain of events, would life as we know it even be possible at all?

If the answer to that question is no, then how would it be possible for life to exist anywhere else in this galaxy, let alone others, as what happened to Earth was very unique?

So is it possible that life exists elsewhere through a similar chain of events occuring, or are we actually alone as a result of some freak occurances, which has put Earth in the optimal position in relation to the Sun and Moon for life to exist?
Wed 27/10/10 at 08:20
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I think Warhunt hits the nail on the head. Yes, there is always the chance, however small, for them to exist. Less so for them to be like us but still not impossible, less again for them to have advanced in the same way, but again still possible.

Of course, the other theory is not that Aliens come from other planets but from an alternate universe. While it sounds like pulp sci-fi, some scientists are actively researching multiverse theories that could possibly exist under Quantum Mechanics. It's fascinating stuff that I won't even pretend to fully comprehend.
Tue 26/10/10 at 15:55
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
It's exactly the same as, say... Predicting that a human being will be born (or has ever been born in fact) with a certain set of characteristics.

A right foot exactly 1.2 inches smaller than the left.
4 different colours present in their eyes (me!)
Female, of a certain skin tone.
Hair that is a certain colour.
Blah blah 100 times

Just because the odds are minute that 1 certain human will match this list, with the sheer amount of humans that have been born or will be born chances are very likely that one will exist/has existed.

I choose to believe that they do exist in some form like ourselves, because that's logic for you. I would say anyone who doesn't believe they could exist is being illogical.

I can guarantee if I gave someone the chance to buy a lottery ticket and gave them an undetermined finite out of an (as close to as we can imagine)infinite chance of winning, they would snap my arm off to get it.

Counting on the fact that they actually understand what I just said
Mon 25/10/10 at 23:08
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
Zombie Spawn wrote:
I think they do exist because the earth is not to far or to near to the sun, so maybe every other sun in the galaxy has one earth just like us!!!!!

Our Galaxy only has one sun.......

I understand what your saying though, but that's my point in the original post, what are the chances of there being other planets out there that have the same criteria to be able to sustain life in the way ours does?

But it's also hard to fathom that considering the enormity of the Universe, that we are alone. Guess we'll only ever know when either they come knocking or we gain the technology to go knocking on their door.
Mon 25/10/10 at 18:26
"Hells Yeah Im Back"
Posts: 18
I think they do exist because the earth is not to far or to near to the sun, so maybe every other sun in the galaxy has one earth just like us!!!!!
Tue 12/10/10 at 13:28
Posts: 2
i think they do exist because i have seen so many different things in the sky at night
Thu 02/09/10 at 15:44
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Well I accept it's a probability, but are the odds of say being born any different? We've existed in some form or another for eternity presumably, and out of the entire span of time, we were there at the right time and place (nudge nudge wink wink) out of million upon millions of cells.

If the odds can be defied then, surely the odds of alien existence can be defied now? That's the point I was trying to make. The steep odds don't prove alien existence.

And do we even want to discover lifeforms on another planet? I mean look what we've done to this one....
Thu 02/09/10 at 08:44
"Short Attention Sp"
Posts: 76
We are actually fairly old as a planet. In exactly the same way that it is possible that there are more advanced life forms out there, we might also be the top of the alien food chain ourselves. Which is a terrifying thought, that we are the most advanced race. What kind of a mess would we make if we started imposing ourselves on other planets?

Kepler has found something like 400 potential Earths out there already. There are BILLIONS of stars that it hasn't even been able to look at. The chances that we are alone in a Universe so unimaginably huge are very slim, infinitessimal even. Whilst there is no proof that life exists elsewhere, we have to accept that it is a probability.
Thu 02/09/10 at 00:22
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Well it all depends on what we're defining an alien as.

And despite the huge odds of us being alone in our universe, it's not a valid argument to prove the existence of other lifeforms from other planets. We can't say "Well there has to be other life is this huge space".

Obviously, there is life on other planets (molecules can technically be defined as life), but in terms of creatures, there's nothing to shout about.

Once people get passionate about something and believe in it though, it's hard to turn back, despite the lack of evidence. Is it far from worshipping a diety who has never shown himself to his 'followers'? And of course, like religion or the paranormal, it's another cash cow to milk (X-files, Star Trek, Star Wars - Yes they maybe fiction, but this is where people get the image of 'alien' from).
Wed 01/09/10 at 22:25
"Tip The Scales"
Posts: 869
I think the question that everyone wants answering is the following:

Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?

But yes, Aliens do exist. Whether they exist in the form that is accepted in films etc, that is to be debated. But lifeforms that are not from Earth. Definately.
Wed 01/09/10 at 21:09
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
Dragonlance wrote:
> Garin wrote:
> Dragonlance wrote:
> Good point HM, but I thought everybody was an avid supporter of
> Erich von Däniken and his book .... Chariots of the Gods
> :¬))
> Pfft....David Icke ftw!! :)
> You really do take the biscuit at times Garin.....David Icke's
> reptilian theory has no connection with von Daniken's at
> all....both crack pots, but not connected.....and it was a
> 'laff', 'don'tch ya know' :¬DDDDDD

Woe is me, I'm so misunderstood. :(

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