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Thu 17/05/07 at 18:11
"Mighty Strathmore"
Posts: 241
If you've been to a concert please feel free to leave a review.

I went to see Travis last night at the Caird Hall in Dundeee. This was Travis's second gig of the tour to promote thier new album 'The Boy With No Name'
It all started with a support act called 'Brinkman' who battered out 8 songs in total. The music was played well and their songs were good but they didn' please the crowd. It would have been better if the kept playing music from the cd that kept skipping (it was more amusing) I had been standing at the front since 7 o'clock and Travis came on stage at 9, which is quite late for a concert.
Travis came onto stage to the theme tune from Rocky via the crowd which was funny.
The song list was amazing, a mixture of old and new made it great. This is the songs played. Not in order.
3 Times and You Lose
My Eyes
Eyes Wide Open
All I want To Do Is Rock
U16 Girls
Good Feeling
Selfish Jean
Drift Wood
Flowers In The Window
Writing To Reach You
and the finale
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Travis added a new addition to the band, Klos(dont know how to spell his name) who is Swedish and plays the keyboard.
There was stories who the came up with the songs and a great solo performance of Flowers in the Window by Fran.
The sound was great, i had 11 speakers in front of me, and everything could be heard.
Travis are great improvisors and decided to jump in the crowd and they are 1st class at working the crowd.
Reconemd the gig to anyone if you can get tickets.
Videos from the night, poor quality as my phone is naff
Link To Videos
Fri 14/09/07 at 18:40
Posts: 3,611
Enter Shikari are so awesome live, such a weird atmosphere. Saw them back in March/April a few weeks before their album came out. Really should of got tickets for their current tour but was a bit lazy :x
Fri 14/09/07 at 12:02
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Next gig: Heaven & Hell, November 10, Wembley Arena. First time Black Sabbath have toured with Dio on vocals since 1993, and Iced Earth are opening. Not a big fan of Lamb of God, who are support, but it should be an excellent show!

I'm coming down to Surrey especially for the gig, and might even go and see the Destruction/Onslaught gig in Kingston the night before. Full Metal Weekend! X^D

Maybe a couple of reviews are due too, seeing as this thread's alive again.

Reading Festival: Pretty good fun, highlights of the weekend were Gogol Bordello, Ash, Eagles of Death Metal, The Grit, Municipal Waste, Nine Inch Nails and various comedy acts (Including Hypno-Dog, where I did get hypnotised, and the hilarious Ricky Grover.) Still, wasn't a particularly good lineup as far as I was concerned, and RHCP were surprisingly poor.

Guilfest: First time I've stewarded a Festival, and it was great fun; worked with some great people! Had a few problems with punters, but mostly a good job. Managed to see a few bands too; Hell is for Heroes and Supergrass were both ok, but Uriah Heep were brilliant, even though they only played a short set; I managed to get Mick Box's guitar pick too.
Fri 14/09/07 at 01:25
Posts: 31
OMG! I really want to see them. Where are you going to see them?!
Fri 14/09/07 at 00:03
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Going to Enter Shikari, November 6[S]th
Thu 13/09/07 at 17:56
Posts: 31
Going to Silverstein 16 November. Been to a fair few over the past year...including 30 seconds to mars, BMTH etc etc...
Wed 23/05/07 at 17:38
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
Oh that is good! That is pure spur of the moment genius! Send them my regards!
Tue 22/05/07 at 22:39
"Mighty Strathmore"
Posts: 241
My mates are going to download, they are getting a bus (from Scotland there) and once it finishes have only 22 hours till there next exam, they are crazy
Mon 21/05/07 at 21:21
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I'm seeing Muse at the new Wembley arena soon :)
Mon 21/05/07 at 16:37
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Due to exams being rather close to the Download Festival (Damn! Look at this year's bands!), and having had a blast there last year, I'm going to Reading this August - anyone else going?
Mon 21/05/07 at 15:55
"Mighty Strathmore"
Posts: 241
I'm planning to go and see Bryan Adams at Murryfield, Meat Loaf at the SECC and my brother bought tickets to see Rod Stewart so i might force myself to go to him if there is nothing else to do

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