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"I'm 16. And I'm getting braces."

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Wed 23/04/03 at 11:27
Posts: 787
On Thursday! What! That's a little short notice. I'll give you all a picture when I get them for you could laugh at me menacingly!

My dentist is stupid. He eats tacos for breakfest. Tacos DAMMIT!
Fri 25/04/03 at 19:22
Posts: 9,631
Ever since i read the bit about your nose being ripped off i can't stop stroking my perfectly formed nose.

*comes across a 3 inch bump in nose*


*puts a mask on*

Urrrrm... its to protect me against... SARS... Yeah, thats what it is
Fri 25/04/03 at 19:18
Posts: 3,505
Someone chiselling bone out of your nose. Then giving some braces America sounds like a good place to go when your 16. Cant wait to go and visit.
Fri 25/04/03 at 19:17
Posts: 9,631
Thats just not right... having your nose ripped off just to have braces
Fri 25/04/03 at 19:12
Posts: 18,775
That'll learn you for shoving crayons up your nose.
Fri 25/04/03 at 15:54
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
The size of a really big deformed peanut.
Thu 24/04/03 at 22:28
Posts: 4,686
You had a BALL in your NOSE? How big?
Thu 24/04/03 at 22:27
Posts: 4,686
I also need surgery on my nose, because the centre bit is kinda growing sideways and has blocked off one of the nostrils. But I can't be bothered to do stuff about it.
Thu 24/04/03 at 22:24
"Proffesional Eejit."
Posts: 1,631
meh. good luck under the knife.
Thu 24/04/03 at 22:19
Posts: 12,243
Sounds like good fun...
Thu 24/04/03 at 22:17
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599

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