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"Rockstar making for Nintendo Gamecube. . . GTA for Gamecube?"

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Sat 26/04/03 at 23:02
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from Cube Europe


An article about mature gaming brought up an interesting quote.
A recent article by Yahoo quoted some NPD figures and in the article this was stated:

The last two "Grand Theft Auto" games have provided an immersive story with multiple coinciding missions. The next one is due out in 2004. A month later, "Grand Theft Auto 3" and "Vice City" finish exclusive run on Sony's PlayStation 2 and will be available for Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube. "And they will sell, like, a jillion copies," Pachter said.

The full article can be found at Yahoo.


This is a quote from Nintendo's E3 mini-page, which can be found here.

"With mega-hits like Metroid Prime and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker already exclusively available for Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo is riding a wave of momentum as the show approaches. Industry leaders such as Electronic Arts, Sega, Capcom, Activision, Rock Star Games and many more will be showcasing their upcoming Nintendo GameCube games at the 2003 E3 Expo.."


Like erm, cool!
Mon 28/04/03 at 16:48
"mini that is"
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i belive that sony and rockstar have signed a 3 year contract that keeps rockstar from making gta games for another platform
Mon 28/04/03 at 16:12
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I'm not bothered to read the whole topic but what's the deal? Is gamecube getting GTA or is it just a rumour?
Mon 28/04/03 at 16:10
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I've only played a bit of Vice City and I thought it was pretty good. It would help Nintendo since alot of people buy the PS2 just because GTA is on it.
Mon 28/04/03 at 13:14
"I'm not Orgazmo"
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It would be good by Nintendo's point of view to get some GTA action, although I'm betting most gamers anywhere have already played it at some point.

Personally I got bored of Vice City quickly, however I do have a facination with filling up one of those "family cars" with hookers then send them off a huge drop/cliff/bridge.
Mon 28/04/03 at 00:46
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Strafex wrote:

> Scottish based as well I think...
> All the best come from Britain! :-)

And here's what that message would have looked like if they were English

> English based as well I think...
> All the best come from England! :-)
Sun 27/04/03 at 23:05
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Strafex wrote:
> DMA design made the GTA series.
> I think they were also behind Lemmings and Snes classic Unirally.

Body Harvest *drools*
Sun 27/04/03 at 22:36
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Strafex wrote:

> All the best come from Britain! :-)

Except for Nintendo and Sega.

Oh, and Namco and Capcom...

And Treasure....
Sun 27/04/03 at 22:30
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Dringo wrote:
> Rockstar make tonnes of games...
> Tonnes.

Rockstar make NOTHING.

They just publish other peoples.

DMA design made the GTA series.
I think they were also behind Lemmings and Snes classic Unirally.

Scottish based as well I think...

All the best come from Britain! :-)
Sun 27/04/03 at 18:03
"Just Bog Standard.."
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As much as I like GTA and as much as I appreciate Rockstar for bringing it to us, they are 'one hit wonders'. Although it is a pretty big hit.

Sun 27/04/03 at 17:53
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Yeah, but they're one hit [series] wonders.

Take Smuggler's Run, it's crap.

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