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"Zelda = Amazing"

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Tue 29/04/03 at 20:06
Posts: 787
Zelda came through the post this mornin 4 days early. I've been playing on it for the last hour or so and have gotten to the next island. It is one hell of a good game.
Sun 04/05/03 at 22:17
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
Wow. What a game. Nearly as good as ocarina of time.
Sun 04/05/03 at 15:06
Posts: 21,800
It'll be worth the wait.

Best. Game. Ever.
Sun 04/05/03 at 15:04
"PC Gaming Founder"
Posts: 2,136
Doh, I want this game SO much, but I'm trying so hard to resist temptation until after my AS exams! :(
Sun 04/05/03 at 14:53
Posts: 21,800
Beards speaketh the truth...eth
Sun 04/05/03 at 14:43
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
Posts: 2,221
I strolled down to the shop to play it for a few minutes (not like I have anything better to do in a Lunch break).

I think it looks good, but then I've never much been into the whole "realism in gaming" thing. If I wanted my games to be realistic then why the hell would I be playing a game about a small elf-boy who lives in a mystical land and is battling against an ancient evil?
Sun 04/05/03 at 14:14
"  "
Posts: 7,549
Same here, I except I get those and it still is naffed up, (Ocarina, that is).
Sun 04/05/03 at 14:10
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
Posts: 2,221
To play Zelda I need: Gamecube, Game (with bonus discs obviously), Proper Cable, big memory card, New Television.

Unfortunately, its the latter that's the problem.
Sun 04/05/03 at 13:28
Posts: 18,185
Zelda is a legend :P

I haven't done much studying but I do plenty of that at School.
Sun 04/05/03 at 13:12
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
It is a class game, not sure if I could say it is the best I have ever played.

One thing I can say though is that the time and effort by the developers can be seen straight away. Just shows that with all the crap games that do get released there are always a few gems like this that make most remember why we play.

Off to study some more so I can play Zelda for a while without feeling bad.
Sun 04/05/03 at 13:10
"She's a dog!"
Posts: 1,223
Edgy wrote:
> You're so slow at cooking...that if you cooked any
> wouldn't be very good at cooking at all!
> Ha!

Family Guy

*cries with happiness*

I love that show so much. Some might say too much when I am able to spot any quote from series 1 or 2.

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