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"Watchdog PS2 rant"

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Tue 06/05/03 at 21:46
Posts: 787
I just watched a couple of hours ago a report on watchdog stating that all Ps2 oners in USA and Europe are having problems with their PS2's after their gaurentee has run out on each console and it will not let and game disc be read.
Sony is ignoring the question "was it a design fault?" and so far I think it was in my own opinion, but I suppose some of you owners out there will say "of course not Sony are GODS".

I will not say anymore since I am not a fanboy, but there will be a fanboy to keep you all on your insulting toes, so come on out Top Score show us what you and your Lexis can do.
Thu 08/05/03 at 18:34
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
I know of 6 people who've had problems with PS2s. 5 needed new lasers, and the other was unfortunate enough to either buy a new console, or to be left with a large, expensive paper-weight.

I don't know anyone who's had trouble with a GC or XBox.
Thu 08/05/03 at 18:19
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
I find it funny when people believe crap that I write and get all angry.

You really think Sony installing timers into PS2s would go unheard of? They'd be in the news/papers and they would have been sued loads. Maybe even put out of businness for such a scam.

Secondly, read the rest of what I wrote. Can you not see any of the joke in there?
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:46
Posts: 12,243
Yay, go Si!
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:43
"You love us!"
Posts: 370
Hmmm, interesting.

Both the Xbox and PS2 use some of the worse internal component i have ever had the misfortune to see. But as someone rightly said, the only reason you hear so much about the PS2s problem is because there are some many of them in homes around the world.

This is nothing to do with a global conspiracy to make people buy more consoles because of an inbuilt 'go wrong on the day after the warranty runs out' chip, it is simply that the components you cannot see inside the machine are the very cheapest available.

Sony make some of the best CD ROMs, DVD players and CD systems around, they are reliable, robust and seem to work for ever - my CDR is Sony and it has burnt 1000s of CD and is still going strong - yes it *is* old and I do still burn at 2 speed.

However, Sony don't use these brilliant lasers (or a derivative thereof) in their PS2 console. Why? Because to fit Sony quality components to the PS2 would push the price up to high – way, way to high.

But hey, wouldn’t Sony be making their own lens for their own machine, thus making them free.

Well No. The basic manufacturing cost of a Sony grade lens (even a lower grade) far (and believe me FAR) outweighs the cost of buying a cheap as chips lens (one for you David Dickinson fans out there) from a third party.

And at the end of the day a few 10,000s people (and yes, it does run into numbers that high, you should try spending a day at the UK Sony call centre) complaining about a bad lens in a sea of several million PS2 owners is a small price to pay for the cash they save.

You all seem to fail to realise that this thing we all love, video games, is a business and as such every single decision the major players make is driven by one thing.

Not their customers, but by CASH.
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:28
Posts: 20,776
Icarus wrote:
> Borat Sagdiyev wrote:
> its america v japan again and I'm rooting for the yanks
> Following on from AJ's point, Nintendo make high quality, robust
> consoles from Japan.

yeah, but lets face it, nintendo are the minority here, I give it a few years before its a two horse race
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:22
Posts: 264
AfroJoe wrote:
> Some PS2s have had failures, and although
> there haven't been THAT many, there have still been a little more than
> you'd expect.

As have SOME Gamecubes and SOME Xboxes. You may not have read about them here, but then not every owner uses these forums, and not everyone sees a broken console as the end of the world!

The reason you read about PS2's going wrong is purely and simply because there are far more PS2 owners around than either of the other machines, and by definition, more PS2 owners using these forums and others around the world.

As failure rates seem so important, here's a little factoid for you: My Gamecube has given me no problems so far (but that's probably because it's hardly used), and my Xbox is on its 2nd HD.

Am I making it up? No. Why didn't I mention it earlier? Well, like I said, a faulty console isn't the end of the world for most sane people, and therefore isn't worth getting my underwear in a twist over.

Does it mean MS use faulty components? Nope. It just went wrong. Hey ho - s**t happens, guys 'n' gals! It went wrong; they fixed it. It wasn't worthy of ranting about on a forum - at least not until I read the claptrap in this thread.

> Nintendo design for kids? ...

> And you said this?

And I said it all after the words "On a lighter note" - which I thought kinda implied that I WAS JOKING.
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:13
Posts: 2,131
Borat Sagdiyev wrote:

> its america v japan again and I'm rooting for the yanks

Following on from AJ's point, Nintendo make high quality, robust consoles from Japan.
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:02
Posts: 23,695
Chemical Ali wrote:
> Assuming for one brain-dead minute that that story were to have even
> the tiniest grain of truth about it, PLEASE take the time to explain
> to me why my LAUNCH PS2 is still working perfectly after all this
> time, and still has all of its original components.

Yeah, exactly. Your PS2 has been fine, even although you've owned one since launch, but if you read the post you'll see that he didn't mention anything about every PS2. The key word was "some". And what he said was true. Some PS2s have had failures, and although there haven't been THAT many, there have still been a little more than you'd expect.

> Nintendo design for kids, and so build in extra protection by
> default.

Nintendo design for kids? Eh? Nah, I don't think so. Look at the PS2's repertoire of games and I think you'll find that there are a fair few titles involving The Tweenies and other such 'kiddy games'. THOSE games are for kids, and not games such as Mario Sunshine and Smash Bros, which are designed for ALL gamers. Nintendo don't design for kids. Nintendo design for everyone.

> Do you people even THINK about this stuff and how utterly ridiculous it is before you you bleat on about it?

And you said this?
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:02
Posts: 20,776
sony are cretins, I don't know who they think they are making these substandard consoles. anyway, they've lost themselves a customer. I was a pro-sony guy until my ps2 threw a wobbler and decided to stop playing discs.

I always thought microsoft had too much money and therefore refused to purchase an x-box, but at least they have the decency to make consoles that last longer than 5 (figuratively speaking) minutes.

I'd only had my console just under 2 years and it packed up. I regularly used the lens cleaner to make sure it lasted.

its america v japan again and I'm rooting for the yanks
Thu 08/05/03 at 17:01
Posts: 2,131
Hang on, slack isn't the right word - try criticism.

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