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"Sony handheld to beat GBA into a pulp"

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Wed 11/06/03 at 15:52
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The new Sony handheld will offer raw speed faster than the PS1, but just short of PS2. This will be many times more powerful than the GBA. For storage, the Sony handheld will use a 1.8Gb capacity disc system. This holds even more data than Nintendo's GameCube which is limited to 1.5Gb.
Fri 13/06/03 at 02:04
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Possibly! Will see how often I play games on it first, though. :-)
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:59
"I love yo... lamp."
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You planning on getting it?
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:57
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About 20-25, depending on where you buy.
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:40
"I love yo... lamp."
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how much is the controller?
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:34
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Notorious Biggles wrote:
> What are the games like for it?

The Clie?

Graphically very good, easily as good as the GBA. Haven't tried any 3D games yet, but 2D are spot on. Got a version of the old Galaxians which is superb, and a unfinished demo conversion of Lemmings.

But control is an issue. Haven't got round to buying the additional game controller yet.
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:25
"I love yo... lamp."
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What are the games like for it?
Fri 13/06/03 at 01:20
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I recently bought a Sony Clie NX70V.

It has an awesome, large screen, 200MHz CPU, and is simply a wonderful, amazing, gorgeous piece of kit. Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 10 hours with the screen backlight on. It makes the GBA-SP look like the old Game & Watch.

But although you can get some good games for it, it's not designed for playing them (though you can buy an add-on game controller), and it IS bloody expensive.

However, if the PSP is even half as good, I will be buying one. The PSP screen is supposed to be about 4.5 inches isn't it? Pop into Currys or Dixons and have a look at the NX70V in the PDA section - that'll give you a good idea of the screen size and clarity you can expect.

I think it's safe to assume that the PSP will be priced to compete with the GBA or its successor, whichever is around at the time.

I don't expect it to take over from the Gameboy range though - at least not immediately. But then I guess no-one expected that to happen with the PS1 either. There are that many satisfied PlayStation users that anything could happen. But as long as I have one, I don't care about anyone else!
Thu 12/06/03 at 16:48
"Smells of blue"
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Whooopsie sorry well you can see my interest in the thing
Thu 12/06/03 at 16:44
"TheCoolNerd on Live"
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I wouldn't really think of the Nokia N-Gage as a direct competitor to the GBA and the Sony thing. It's more of a glorified mobile phone than anything.
Thu 12/06/03 at 16:43
"aka memo aaka gayby"
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G Cage!?!?

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