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"Next Gen Gaming - Features & Capabilities"

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Thu 05/04/07 at 19:07
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Next Gen Console
Which one is for you?

This article will give you some detailed insight into which of the three next gen consoles is for you. Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Wii? This will be a none biased article informing you on which one is you, not "I think the PS3 is teh best buy it!!!". The article will only go into features and capabilities of each consoles.

All consoles have their ups and downs, different qualities and features. It's up to you on which one is the best, and suits you. Everything has to be taken into account when purchasing something like this (unless you have money to blow).

All of the consoles have similar features, photo viewer, video and music. Some consoles do different things better than the others, they specialize in different things.

Wii - Wii has lots of downsides in the video, photo music category. It doesnít have DVD playback, so you can only use an SD Card. Music from the Wii can only be play through the Photo Channel, which is a little downside. Whatís also odd is that video can only be played through the photo channel. So Nintendo needs to make a dedicated music and video channel.

But other than that the Wii is full of features. It has a forecast channel to view the weather, a news channel to keep up dated. All of these are nicely organized into a globe to view the information by location, which is awesome.

You can also download retro games (NES, SNES, N64, Mega Drive/Genesis and TurboGrafx-16), but sadly all at a large cost at about £3.50 for a NES game and £7.00 for an N64 game. These have to be played for by Wii money that has been put onto the Wii card or your VIP code.

You can create your very own Mii which can be used to play in many games. You can customize them to make them look similar to you, but keep in mind that it's supposed to be a very simplistic art. Although all the cast from the office can be created.

Nintendo has teamed up with Opera to bring us greedy fans the Internet Channel, a very basic browser than can play many games and view youtube videos! But don't expect too much from the limited browser, because it will take time to get used to so don't expect Firefox.

PS3 - DVD playback, video, music and photo! PS3 emulates all of the basic media with any problems. In fact, it takes the infamous Memory Stick Duo that you've held onto for your PSP. MSD is a better memory stick format duo to it's familiarity to Sony fans.

PS3 also has an Internet Browser that has flash, so you can play most flash games and view youtube videos. The browser has a lot of capabilities and features; it's easy to use and is user friendly. One feature I really like is listening to music whilst browsing the web, which the PSP couldn't do.

The Playstation 3 has opened up a lot of homebrew capabilities, just like the PSP did. Emulators, homebrew applications, homebrew games ect. But PS3 is different because it can emulate Linux, meaning infinite possibilities for the PS3!

Sony did make some big mistake making the PS3, replacing rumble for motion sensor. Most gamers prefer rumble than some mediocre motion sensor, thatís not even done as well as Nintendo. But thereís hope as Sony do plan to fix this. This is not the only problem, as the PS3 has problems with backward compatibility in the European model, as some PS2 games do not work. This will most likely be fixed in firmware updates.

Xbox 360 - The 360 also takes care of video, music, photo and DVD playback with no problem. But thatís not what it specializes it. It specializes in online play. It has the biggest online community for a console, currently. But will that change?

Xbox Live market place doesnít only allow you the play the basic multilayer online games, but you can download content; such as arcade games, games trailers, TV shows, music videos or rented movies.


As you can see the Nintendo Wii is less of a media device, it focuses more on gaming. PS3 is more of a home entertainment system; it does everything. Xbox 360 is aimed at the online gamer and the FPS fan. You canít really decide upon a winner as they are all good for different things.

Forgive me for any mistakes I have made in this article, as I tried my best!
Mon 09/04/07 at 17:31
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The need to bring back the co-op mode from Chaos Theory too. Great fun.
Mon 09/04/07 at 17:29
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I prefer it now there's a knife, makes a lot more sense than the earlier games although I think you can't pick up most of enemie's weapons which still prevents a realistic response to some situations.
Mon 09/04/07 at 16:59
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I can't really explain it but I hate it too.
Mon 09/04/07 at 16:43
"Blood on my suit"
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I played Splinter cell, and after the first 2 levels sold it. I hated it.
Mon 09/04/07 at 14:43
Posts: 33,481

To be honest I find it laughable next to Splinter Cell, but then again I prefer deep games to arcade-style ones stretched out with cutscene after cutscene.
Mon 09/04/07 at 11:05
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MGS isn't all that.
Mon 09/04/07 at 09:29
"Blood on my suit"
Posts: 1,387
Ninja_Reborn wrote:
> Revolver Ocelot wrote:
> Oh dear Lord......
> I'm not sure your even worth it.
> No, I don't care if you tell me to take a "nap", I
> won't because I'm 12. Not 4 or 5. 12.
> You obviously don't have a decent reply to me so I declare
> myself winner.
> Go me.
> Go you!

> Your the winner of what? So what you won
The argument, you do not have to play the previous game of a sequel to enjoy it.
Mon 09/04/07 at 09:28
"Blood on my suit"
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He has obviously realised that he is wrong.

Or he's drunk.
Mon 09/04/07 at 00:58
"Twenty quid."
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So, what have we all learn from this? Well, I'll tell you what:

[b]your = belonging to you
you're = you are[/b]

It isn't hard, is it? *looks down* Well that is, but you know what I mean.
Sun 08/04/07 at 23:39
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Haha, how amusing.

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