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"The eurovision song contest!"

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Thu 22/03/07 at 22:19
"eat toast!"
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We've been a bit quiet about this. Frankly i am concerned about the lack of eurovision song contest debates. Think of all the ranting and slating we can do on this topic. I would like to invite you ALL to come in and join in the early discussion party!

Leave your gifts with me on the left and anyone didn't give me one can walk into the spike pit on the right. Oh, there will be no nibbles, music, dancing, games or porn. Feel free to bring any of these along. Preferably include rat poison, crap rock, dirty dancing, russian roultette/kiss chase and necrophila. But anything will be fine. Just make sure to introduce your posts with an item of any of those catergories (Nibbles, music, dancing, games, porn anything that would be suitable for a party. A donkey, a stripper, torch, body guards whatever)!

My, my, where to begin the competition is getting naffier each year with the english entries getting more and more worse each year! not like there were many decent acts tbh.

But what about the competition? well lets have a listen on youtube:

- Denmark

- Iceland

- Portugal

- Spain

- Andorra

- Lithuania

- Ukraine

- Croatia

- Netherlands

- Malta

- Poland

- Armenia

- Sweden

- Czech Republic

- Bulgaria

- Israel

- Serbia

- Greece

- Slovenia

- United Kingdom

- Macedonia

- Finland

- Georgia

- Turkey

- Cyprus

- Belarus

- Germany

- Switzerland

Thats the most so far, who do you think has the chance to win?
Sun 25/03/07 at 22:08
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My God

This contest is as camp as a window!

and whats with our entry? (UK)

Sun 25/03/07 at 20:26
"Blood on my suit"
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Just to say, your one is so bad.
Its airlined themed?
Thats just wrong.
Sun 25/03/07 at 15:02
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Swiss off then. :)
Sun 25/03/07 at 12:30
"eat toast!"
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It works for me. Might not work for others for other reasons i wouldn't know. Being in neutral mode i make neutral responses.
Sun 25/03/07 at 09:03
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Seems to?

Either it does or it doesn't, or you're on drugs.
Sat 24/03/07 at 22:06
"eat toast!"
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Ladybird wrote:
> I say GREECE! Yassou Maria! OPA!! He's hawt. But, you have to
> fix the clip dude. Sarbel's song doesn't load.

Just checked it. It does work, vid seems to load up for me.
Sat 24/03/07 at 13:05
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I say GREECE! Yassou Maria! OPA!! He's hawt. But, you have to fix the clip dude. Sarbel's song doesn't load.
Sat 24/03/07 at 12:49
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That would actually involve listening to them.
Sat 24/03/07 at 12:46
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
Sat 24/03/07 at 12:24
Posts: 33,481
Innuendos and pop go hand in hand.

Frankie says relax. ;)

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