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"Tenchu 3 Confirmed for Xbox!"

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Tue 29/07/03 at 20:39
Posts: 787
Excellent news! It still won't stop me getting the PS2 version but the ne improvements coupled with my love for the series will no doubt make me go out and purchase the Xbox version as well. The news story can be found here: /news/story.php?id=2766

The best news I have heard in ages! I can't wait :)
Thu 31/07/03 at 16:13
Posts: 33,481
Besides Conker 64 had all the good ideas first anyway. :D
Thu 31/07/03 at 12:54
Posts: 13,611
Yeah, that's right. You can't confuse bullet time with simple slow motion.
Thu 31/07/03 at 12:33
Posts: 21,800
It wasn't bullet time in John Woo films. He's just known for lots of slow motion shots in gun fights and people using 2 hand guns at the same time.

Real bullet time wasn't invented until the Matrix came along, the Wachowski Brothers just borrowed a lot of ideas from Eastern action films and anime.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:41
Posts: 13,611
Yes, but The Matrix was actually a good film :D
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:30
Posts: 10,489
Some of the John Woo early 1990 films from the far east do contain some awesome action scenes with bullet time. As you say, all the Wachaoski Brothers did was use a different variation of Bullet Time with the latest technology. Some of the stuff in MI2 is on a par with some of the stunts from The Matrix.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:25
Posts: 13,611
The Wachaoski Brothers did have an original and unique variation of bullet time though, and were the first to bring it in such a way to the big screen. Inevitably, it was copied by many.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:13
Posts: 10,489
Bullet Time was originally kept in Eastern action films as it was John Woo who came up with the idea. The Matrix (as Tilta rightly pointed out yesterday) is here because of films like Hard Boiled etc which did originally use the Bullet Time feature.

Probably the best bit of Bullet Time I have seen yet is in MI2 where he takes the motor bike onto one wheel whilst shooting the cars out. That is what John Woo is all about.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:10
Posts: 33,481
Maverick42 wrote:
> Manga techniques? Wha..?

Yeah the Matrix is basically inspired by Manga. All that slowing off time and dodging bullets, bullet time is originally a concept from Manga.
> And I'd say Star Wars was a little bit more hardcore than a fairytale.

I hate it. It's too wholesome for me. Although it did spawn Spaceballs. :D
I prefer Star Trek movies I like the characters more and it's a bit less wholesome.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:08
Posts: 10,489
I know you and Tilta were kind of against The Bruckheimer - Don Simpson connection (Still think Tilta is) but when you consider some of the films they have released in the 90's I find it hard to critise them for the odd clanker like Pearl Harbour.

The likes of Black Hawk Down, The Rock, Con Air and Armageddon appeal to me in a big way. Armageddon I honestly though was a top action film. They all have cheesy lines, its what makes them action films. The Rock has the homersexual hair dresser, Armageddon the lunatic in space, Con Air has strangely the same lunatic on board. Black Hawk Down didn't have cheesy lines as it wasn't the intended purpose. The purpose was to get the viewer as close to a real life combat situation as possible and it succeeded.

Crimson Tide does start off slow but being a fan of Mr. Denzel I stuck with it and I ended yp enjoying it. All of the Bruckheimer films follow a similar style and pattern and his connections with Nicolas Cage (big fan of Mr. Cage) have prooved a massive success over the years.

A little side fact for you all...

All the cars in the films with Nicolas Cage are all taken from his personal garages across America. The Ferrari in The Rock, The HUM V in GI60 and The Rock, the awesome selection of cars in GI60 etc. With all the car chases he always gets invlved and tries to do as many stunts as he can. This is why I have respect for people like Cage and Cruise. Some of the stuff Tom Cruise did in MI2 was breath taking and I couldn't believe he actually took them on himself.
Thu 31/07/03 at 01:06
Posts: 13,611
Manga techniques? Wha..?

And I'd say Star Wars was a little bit more hardcore than a fairytale.

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