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"Zelda Christmas"

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Sat 13/09/03 at 11:20
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
What's with this latest rumour ay?

Zelda Majoras Mask
SNES Zelda
Some NES Zeldas

All getting given away free for GameCube when you buy a GameCube this XMas???

true or not, sure sounds interesting!

Mon 15/09/03 at 23:42
Posts: 18,185
TGMbloke wrote:
> Aggresive marketting from Nintendo then.
> "Mmmmmm - XBOX, PS2, or GC, XBOX PS2, or GC...Well the GC has a
> free disc with a bunch of old 2D SNES and NES games which they have
> allready milked on the GBA several times over. I might as well get
> that!"
> Come to think of it - Knowing Nintendo there will be absolutly no ad
> campaign, and not even a sticker on the box to let you know they are
> included. New buyers might get it, put it in, think
> "Its....Its....2D" and take the CUBE back - not that 2D is
> bad, but for a new potential owner its barely a showcase for your
> 100+ machein is it?

That's a bit harsh isn't it... I mean yes Nintendo don't make millions to advertise in prime time but they do advertise... plus the free disc is exactly that a free disc and Nintendo do advertise it in stores. Second 2 of the games are 3D. and thirdly it is a mere extra temptation for a 80 game console... with controller and game.
Mon 15/09/03 at 19:13
"You! Obey the fist!"
Posts: 468
Lipe wrote:
> When is the stars catalogue going to open? Wasn't it supposed to be
> last Monday?

no idea...still wont bloody work.

altho, the NOM site is finally up...after what seems like years(infact, it must have been at least one year since they announced least its up now)
Mon 15/09/03 at 13:46
Posts: 11,373
Oh well, we can always dream...
Mon 15/09/03 at 13:36
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
Yeah. I checked at some point last week but it wasn't up yet.

As for the Zelda rumour...that's all it is. A big fat unsubstantiated rumour.
Mon 15/09/03 at 13:32
Posts: 11,373
When is the stars catalogue going to open? Wasn't it supposed to be last Monday?
Mon 15/09/03 at 13:08
Posts: 8,220
Putting it in the stars catalogue would be the sensible way to go, that way everyone could get a free copy (more or less).

But I don't really see it happening.
Mon 15/09/03 at 12:15
Posts: 3,307
yes, they should definately sell the game seperately for those who want the game who allready own a GC (including myself of course) However, the maximum price that it should be is 20, why? because many zelda fans like myself will allready own either all or most of the games in the zelda series and would mainly like it as part of their collection and for the chance to play through them again on the GC on occaisions.

Plus I seriously doubt that the average gamer would play more then 20 for it as well as they would probably only buy it out of curiosity just to see which of the fine games in the zelda series (or all if they havent played any) theyve been missing out on, so its simple Ninty should put it on sale for an RRP of 20 max (maybe as part of a collectors pack with extras to please the hardcore zelda fan) as well as going ahead with their offer of bundling it with every GC over the xmas period then everyones happy :) (hopefully) and if they still have some left over they can allways stick em on as part of the stars catalouge at 3000 stars a pop ;)

slik ~_~
Sun 14/09/03 at 01:08
Posts: 18,185
Whitestripes DX wrote:
> Uhh..the sensible to do is to try to encourage more people to buy a
> 'Cube.
> Idiot.

And increase software sales in Japan and the rest of the world with yet another Nintendo release...
Sat 13/09/03 at 23:46
"Dont come here ofte"
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I read this a few days ago, can't remember where though, so I think it's a goer.
Sat 13/09/03 at 22:32
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Yn yr cysgu mynd y nos.

Ydw, mae conversatio yn 'nothing to do with welsh, like' fe hoff cymraef 'at any time, butt'.

Note: Not real welsh

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