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"metroid help"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Metroid Prime'.
Thu 16/10/03 at 21:16
Posts: 1,317
i know i ask for help on lots of games, but thats just my style cos i dont really get what it says on gamefaqs as im dumb like that :p but i just got this off a mate, and i want to know how do i get the bomb thing when you are in your ball and ho do i get the jump aswell, i already have the missile launcher and the charge up beam
Sat 18/10/03 at 16:54
Posts: 379
In Metroid Prime Samus looks a bit like the woman from eternal darkness.
Sat 18/10/03 at 16:27
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Icarus wrote:
> Wait 'til the next boss, still haven't defeated him and have since
> given up.



You try Omega Pirate or whatever his name is on Hard.

That is what you call difficult.
Sat 18/10/03 at 15:08
Posts: 1,317
ok, i did it, and now i just got the space boots and im in need of these things........
armour and armaments - gravity suit, wave beam ( im not sure if thats the missile launcher thing), ice beam and plasma beam
visors - thermal and x-ray
morph ball - power bombs, spider ball
power ups & power moves - the grapple beam
and i need help getting them as on the frigate landing site or something i cant open a door cos i dont have the right weapon, in the lava pool thing i need to swing from the top thingsm, and many places are needed for the spider ball thing
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:47
Posts: 1,317
lol, ill do it tonigth hiopefully
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:31
Posts: 2,131
Wait 'til the next boss, still haven't defeated him and have since given up.
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:30
Posts: 1,317
not just me and my pathetic ways then :p
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:11
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
A_Spoon wrote:
> did you lot find it hard aswell?

Yeah, its quite tricky initially.
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:09
Posts: 1,317
did you lot find it hard aswell?
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:07
Posts: 2,131
Oh it is hard. You see, after each successful explosion, another beam is used and you have to continously "juggle" the different panels as the boss tries to stop you.
Fri 17/10/03 at 22:04
Posts: 1,317
ok, ill try, it seems complicated (for me at least :p) but ill try

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