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"Gad attempts..."

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Fri 02/03/07 at 18:45
Posts: 9,397
Ive have been sat around far to long about how I can get my hands on a gad. Thing is I donít have a clue. Thought about just going to freeola and putting a gun to your heads until I got one but I thought that was a lil to dramatic. Maybe not the way @ngel would go about things.

Then I could probably do a Pb and write something creative, however I see that I was not that creative to think about anything worth writing about.

I thought I could do a technical post, well I see Cjh (Gad Grabber) manages to write some foreign rubbish but seen as I didnít understand it I thought I would forget about that one.

Ah yeah Bingo, such easy ways to try win one of these things. Its fine though but I seem to have been given the wrong cards all the time. Then when I think oh I only have three or four to go some nitwit posts that they only need one more. Then I check my card ugh; itís one of the three-I needsÖ BAH!

I could even just drop hints about how I need £4.99 for a Mic like Machie does. I can see that gets him nowhere. Gees Machie get a part time job working at Maccy Dís, sure youíll have it in no time at all.

Now I could take the easy way out and get some cheats together of some other random site. One easy way to get a Gad Iím sure. No effort at all in a bit of copy and pasting.

Wonder if we can get a Gad for Lurking, So many people lurk and are very much forgotten about. That doesnít take too much effort, so Iím sure thatís a possible win for a Gad.

Then it came to meÖ

Why donít I just ask for oneÖ

Here goes in true Yosser style

"Gissa Gad"

No, Ah thought id ask anyway. You know what they say ĎYou donít ask you donít getí
Tue 13/03/07 at 23:54
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I post here too! 3-0 to Sera then :P
Tue 13/03/07 at 10:38
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Indeed, considering the absolute lack of effort it takes to rip off GameFAQS this deserves to win far more. If there is a time to complain it's when cheats win more than once a week.
Tue 13/03/07 at 10:06
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
That's why I'm happy that this won a GAD.

Sera deserves it, even though (or because) she doesn't write long posts deliberately for GAD, but is always here chatting away.

Hence my insistence that this is a better win than for a pile of copied cheats...
Tue 13/03/07 at 09:12
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
I like how people where complaining before because people that don't normally take part in discussions were winning GADs and then when someone that is a regular chatter wins everyone complains again.

Really it's just people not wanting someone other than themselves to win. But rather than submit something they moan.
Mon 12/03/07 at 20:48
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
This just makes my years here and no GAD anger issues all come back up...
Mon 12/03/07 at 16:39
"What's basketball?"
Posts: 379
pb wrote:

> At least this post is better than winning for cheats.

HEY! :'(

Oh well, I guess there's always Bingo. You cannot deny my skills in that.
Mon 12/03/07 at 15:33
Posts: 98
Oh you'll learn, seen plenty I have!

Vexxxed wrote:
> In all my time here at Freeola, this is only time I've actually
> seen someone actually ask for a GAD, so why on earth not! This
> is the one and only time though ;)
Mon 12/03/07 at 15:23
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
I don't see a problem with this winning, no one else thought to just ask for one and if no one had wrote anything better for the day, then why not.
Mon 12/03/07 at 13:57
Posts: 33,481
Kawada wrote:
> and my suspicions that the staffies don't actually pay all that
> much attention to the forums is confirmed :-)

Yeah, I asked for a gad for my review/walkthrough in about 3 posts but they weren't as long as this. :P
Mon 12/03/07 at 13:55
Posts: 33,481
pb wrote:
> At least this post is better than winning for cheats.

Actually that's debateable.

And I'm not fussed about missing out on a gad, I have enough crap already as you well know. D

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