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"Got a couple of games :D"

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Mon 20/10/03 at 18:50
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I got a couple of games yesterday :D and I thought I'd share my views on them:

Kind of frustrating at times because its so damn slow and the damn loading time after you die/revert to last save is so long I almost had time to go for a sheet...... but the whole pikey thing is genius like: in this armor shop this guy serving me wouldn't let me have a real good bow for 1 gold ;) so I shot him with my crappy bow and grabbed something like a pikey and did a runner :D its pretty good fighting but when you keep missing its annoying but smacking a guard around the face with a axe then running is hilarious. has its good and bad points and its a ok game.

Phantom crash:
pretty darn fun I like machine guns and then hold down the back trigger button(s) and pump some lead :) the only bad thing is the absolute crap they talk and the amount of reading you have to do before you start, tis very fun mix of anime and heavily armed robots. Does get repetitive sometimes with all you do is shoot and read but is fun in short bursts. good game.

Just thought I'd share my point of view :)
Wed 22/10/03 at 11:08
"Best Price @ GAME :"
Posts: 3,812
Ghost Recon was better on the PC though, you controlled your team in real time using an overlay of the area, hence you could still see what was going on in the game at the same time, which made for a more realistic special ops type experience (or at least what I imagine special ops would be like) - the Xbox verion's constant need to go to the map and away from the action was weak.
Wed 22/10/03 at 08:05
Posts: 3,522
The Josh wrote:
> I've started from the beginning *counts* 5 times now ;P I keep
> wanting to change my chracters starting look and stuff again and
> again :S anyway I'm a dark elf? And I'm enjoying it now. I cant get
> that cube wasit in that cave, I keep getting beaten up >_<

It's pointless trying to do the main story quest when your character is weak [at the beginning].
The best thing to do if you want to progress and become stronger is join one of the Guilds - one that suits your character's abilities, eg. your Major & Minor skills.
Tue 21/10/03 at 23:11
Posts: 33,481
OhI noticedd Ali. However writing off the Xbox version after only a short amount of play really doesn't give your opinion on the Xbox version much weight at all.

Whether you've played the PC version of not has little bearing on your short experience of the Xbox version and how you've used the fact that you'd taken it back after a days play to make it look as if it was a poor game, which it clearly isn't.

Now if you're quite finished with re-inforcing your idiot status I suggest you get onto Xbox live and play something simple. You're clearly lagging behind here.
Tue 21/10/03 at 23:04
Posts: 10,489
Hedfix wrote:
> So what? An hour and a half of discussion all because Ali can't read
> posts properly?

Do you post with your head turned round? This is the mong who failed to see I had played Ghost Recon on the PC despite me pointing out about 3 times that I had.

You just upgraded your status from sponger to hypocrite. Although you still fall into both categories.

Tue 21/10/03 at 23:04
Posts: 33,481
Haven't you got another game to unfairly criticise yet?
Tue 21/10/03 at 23:02
Posts: 10,489
No I don't get emotional over irrelevant people.
Tue 21/10/03 at 23:01
Posts: 33,481
At 9:22

Hedfix wrote:
> LŠR wrote:
> Freedom Fighters is the best squad based combat game out although it
> s
> a decent game so it probably isn't for you.
> Ha. I own it. I like it and I enjoy it. However if it had a wider
> range of multiplayer options, a co-op mode and a bit more emphasis on
> realism like Ghost Recon does then I might consider it to be as good
> as Ghost Recon. As it stands it's good but it's level of
> replayability is less than GR,
> Personally I like FF enough that I won't be selling it.

So what? An hour and a half of discussion all because Ali can't read posts properly?


I think you've moved from 'Hypocrite status' back up to 'Idiot status' Ali.
Tue 21/10/03 at 22:56
Posts: 33,481
That's funny I made my enjoyment of FF very clear early on. Perhaps you were getting to over emotional over a trivial thing to notice?
Tue 21/10/03 at 22:53
Posts: 10,489
Ohhhhh at last a post that makes sense. I accept your opinion now good night I am off to play on LIVE.
Tue 21/10/03 at 22:51
Posts: 33,481
Hardly. I've already stated it's fun. It's just nowhere near as cerebral or as lasting as Ghost Recon.

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