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"views on the next GTA game."

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Sun 30/11/03 at 20:25
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as rockstar confirm the new unnamed gta will be out on ps2 in late 2004.
but what will it be like???
an aporling sequel non worthy of a dumped crisp packet, or another gaming masterpiece (more likely).
please write your opinions, reviews, and what you think the game will be like.
even right your own preview if you like!!!
i think it will again be a fantastic gta.
you can even right a report on the game, of what it will have and include, whether its garbage or genuine info. use your imagination people !!!!
get replying.........
Tue 27/09/05 at 18:40
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I got up to 99.5% on Vice city, although i sucked at SA, probably why i don't like it as much.
Thu 15/09/05 at 07:29
"Damn dirty apes!"
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I've got 97.8% complete on San Andreas. Damn trucking missions...
Fri 09/09/05 at 19:34
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
I thought this was about LCS, oh well, guess it is now. I'm on a mission to finish GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas before the 14th October. Sitting at 99% on GTA3, and I've only just restarted VC and SA.
Sat 20/08/05 at 21:09
Posts: 5,659
so, it didnt turn out as good as vice city.
Because this forum is deserted i'll get away with this ;)

Fri 07/01/05 at 23:49
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
You know the getaway black monday its good but its so stupid because the should really call it the getaway black tuesday because the game is set on a tuesday. But the next Gta is going to be set in a spanish place and is out next year!!!!!
Fri 07/01/05 at 22:21
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
Silent Thunder wrote:
> The Hibernator wrote:
> >
> Plus, GTA: SA for Xbox in June - WHOO HOO!
> Anyone else not really bothered? :-/

Not bothered at all.
Sun 02/01/05 at 14:35
Posts: 12,425
The Hibernator wrote:
> Plus, GTA: SA for Xbox in June - WHOO HOO!

Anyone else not really bothered? :-/
Sun 02/01/05 at 14:32
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
ResiEvilScriptWriter wrote:
> Everyone shut up and buy the getaway series.

The Getaway games are good but they lack the depth of GTA, and the on foot controls are crap.
Sat 01/01/05 at 03:49
Posts: 4,558
Everyone shut up and buy the getaway series.
Thu 30/12/04 at 14:08
"For One Night Only"
Posts: 3,773
crossbob wrote:
> what number six?


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