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"It's Pancake Day! (Shrove Tuesday)"

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Tue 16/02/10 at 07:59
"possibly impossible"
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Good day to you sirs and lasses.

Today, as you may know, is Shrove Tuesday, which (to many) basically means this is the day you have pancakes.

Obviously there are those who have pancakes more often than this, for breakfast perhaps (too fatty for me, I like my cereal) but as the shops go on a mad pancake mix and lemon promotion it's always good to pig out on pancakes today.

So, who's having pancakes and what are you going to eat them with?
Wed 17/02/10 at 10:15
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
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As I was at a restaurant last night I have chef prepared ones :)

Blackberry crumble filling, cherry sauce with raspberry ice cream, was awesome.
Wed 17/02/10 at 07:59
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Sugar and lemon with mine. Best pancake combo ever!
Tue 16/02/10 at 21:36
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Kids tried pancakes but didn't like them, so guess who got to eat most of them? Yes, I'm now very full. Cherry pie I got cheap in Tesco is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Love that Tesco app that let's you do a shopping list and tells you where the items are in the shop.
Tue 16/02/10 at 19:38
"Let's blow stuff up"
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I think i've had about 6..... i dislike the sugar and lemon though :^S... but like jam and chocolate spread. Not combined - that would be gross
Tue 16/02/10 at 18:58
"eat toast!"
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Damn it! I keep missing this! Its the third year in a row that i would make pancackes and fail to make any.

I'll have to just prepare for next year and practice making some.
Tue 16/02/10 at 18:30
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I love the classic lemon and sugar combination. Then some syrup later!
Tue 16/02/10 at 18:29
"How Ironic"
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I've had my fill for this year.... feel sick.
Tue 16/02/10 at 16:39
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ButchML wrote:
> McLong wrote:
> A quick trip to Sainsbury's on my way home is all that's
> required.
> Ha! Have fun in the rain!

Good point.

> Surely Tescos is more 'on the way' though?

Another good point.

Tue 16/02/10 at 16:34
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
McLong wrote:
> A quick trip to Sainsbury's on my way home is all that's
> required.

Ha! Have fun in the rain!

Surely Tescos is more 'on the way' though?
Tue 16/02/10 at 16:31
Posts: 791
Aunt Bessie Pre-made Pancakes. Awesome.

I must eat pancakes, but I'm RUBBISH at cooking, and I don't want to fork out for all the ingredients which will only go to waste after tonight.

A quick trip to Sainsbury's on my way home is all that's required.

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