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"The Greatest Gamecube Game so far?"

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Sun 14/03/04 at 01:14
Posts: 18,185
Yep Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine and Zelda are all just wonderfully created games but I've just bought one better.

A great all round game is great... and you know it. But no game is perfect. My favourite games of all time had their "flaws". Majora's Mask was short, lacked traditional Zelda plot and had a poor saving system. Conker, one of my favourite games, was short, had SOME multiplayer problems and some of the various in game varietys were boring. Pokemon Yellow (my actual favourite game) forced you through dull caves and on long journeys. Super Mario Sunshine over did the collecting and lacked iconography and varios traditional mario traits. Wind Waker was way too short and forced long sailing section. etc... etc...

All games have flaws so essentially the best games are flawed gems. If the flaw is small then the gem side does not need to be TOO great to make the flaw easy to ignore. Got me? Let me explain. Lets take Timesplitters 2 as our flawed gem,. The single player is utterly dire! But the multiplayer is so DAMN AMAZING that we can all easily over look the flaw as if it were not there.

Like my list above, Conker despite it's short coming was hilarious and it is THE most fun game I have ever played with the matrix final level being the best gaming moment in my entire gaming career. Pokemon Yellow is so deep and involving, the deepest and most involving game I've played... that the minor flaws simply dissapeared.

So when I go Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles I read the reviews "A flawed gem"... but how big is the gem?

Too damn big. The fun of mario, the competitiveness of Mario Kart: Double Dash and the beauty of Wind Waker has seeped into nothingless in the wake of Crystal Chronicles.

Am I going over the top? Maybe. But I just had my fellow FF veteran over and we just cracked through the first few parts of Crystal Chronicles and we are stunned. The game is easy to play, fun and damn gorgeous... best presented Cube game so far in fact. But you see it is the GBA connectivity that makes it so good.

For starters linking your GBA genuinly feels like a cool feature as it is (note that my mate is suffering due to the screen quality of the original GBA) but it is the inclusion of my friend that makes it so good. He went mental when he saw a familiar character from Final Fantasy 9... that was till I gave him a slap round the head and we were on our way. Making fun of the inhabitants... openly threatening the enemies... moaning over who has held the Chalice for too long...

Co-operative gaming was always relativly good but in this game you HAVE to work together to get things done... and this team work... this social bond with your friend is without a doubt the best reason to own any console. The game is gorgeous... involving and most of all fun. Yes online RPG's offer the same idea, but reading the diary entries out loud in comical fashion doesn't work over the net.

I was wrong... YOU were wrong. The GBA-GC connection is over priced but FF:CC, the first game to really NEED a GBA and a connection lead, is proof Nintendo were right... this is the future of gaming. Sell controllers with built in screens next time Nintendo because if it wasn't for the steep price this really could have taken off. The next essential GBA-GC connectivity game comes free with R-Racing Revolution at the end of the month doesn't it? I know I am getting that.

Not to mention the special Zelda compilation at the end of the year.

Well done Nintendo, well done Square-Enix... this is my favourite Gamecube game so far.
Sat 20/03/04 at 12:44
Posts: 3,505
i have to many good games, but FF:CC does take the multiplayer award from SSBM just. but skies is my fave single player game then followed by wind waker
Sat 20/03/04 at 12:05
Posts: 7,741
I'd have to say my favourite Gamecube game so far would actually be Skies of Arcadia Legends, which is really just an updated Dreamcast one.

Apart from that, Zelda, Mario Kart, TimeSplitters 2, XIII, Beyond Good and Evil..
Sat 20/03/04 at 12:00
Posts: 33,481
Indeed, that's why I put 'possibly'.
Sat 20/03/04 at 11:12
Posts: 10,437
PSO should not be bought over CC. The new FF may not be a faithful adaptation of the series, but it least it has some depth to it, instead of mindless, shallow hack 'n' slashing until every on-screen foe has fallen.

I really enjoyed Phantasy Star Online, but it has some serious flaws.
Sat 20/03/04 at 11:08
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
The two games I still love my GC for:
F Zero GX
Viewtiful Joe
Sat 20/03/04 at 11:02
Posts: 33,481
I could suggest some alternatives on the GC:

The Baldur's Gate games, Gladius, Skies of Arcadia and possibly one of the PSO's.
Fri 19/03/04 at 21:21
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
F1 Fan wrote:
> Well, someone on here has bound to have played the single player mode,
> is it worth getting the game for single player alone?

I'll answer this myself; no.

Wed 17/03/04 at 23:36
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I take it back. They couldn't have just tacked on an extra GBA connectivity to a Diable style engine. No way....
Wed 17/03/04 at 00:33
Posts: 18,185
That just went TOOOOOO far.
Tue 16/03/04 at 05:17
Posts: 33,481
Rickoss wrote:
> Hedfix wrote:
> People with ears aswell as eyes.
> What about people with mute buttons as well as TVs?

Well buttons have a right to be heard and you can't really own a TV as they're peo0ple too and not subject to slavery.

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