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"Getting an Xbox...."

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Sun 28/03/04 at 14:35
"Grammatical Watchdo"
Posts: 1,166
Can someone tell me the best games for the system, aswell as which ones allow you to play your own music.
At the moment my top ones are Jet Set,Amped 2,and PGR2.
I only know of being able to play your own music in Amped, what are the rest?
Mon 29/03/04 at 12:44
"Remember me?"
Posts: 6,124
mattributé wrote:
> He clearly has no patience, Terry. He saw a small opening, and just
> decided to try and slip it in. Unfortunately, it went miles wide.


Best. Innuendo. Ever.
Mon 29/03/04 at 11:41
Posts: 10,437
I wouldn't go for Amped if I were you, but PGR2 is a must buy, best XBox game yet. Not sure about RS3 online, but if you intend to play offline, don't get it.
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:57
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
I went for tea, came back and saw you'd gone.

I nearly ran a bayonet through my XBOX.

Aside from the fact I have no bayonet, and, if I did, I wouldn't run it through my XBOX,, that is a true story.
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:28
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Sorry i had to leave RS3 so quick, mattribute. My brother disconnected my ethernet cable (i've taken care of him ;) )and i couldn't be bothered to sign in again, im like that ya' see.
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:24
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
He clearly has no patience, Terry. He saw a small opening, and just decided to try and slip it in. Unfortunately, it went miles wide.

He's got potential, but, so far, he's going offcourse.
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:22
Posts: 13,611
What an embarrasment for the young England hopeful.

Where did it all go wrong?
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:18
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
incorrect usage of 'Boosh'

minus 2 'boosh' points
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:15
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:06
Posts: 13,611
Notorious Biggles wrote:
> OK, I was a bit harsh there, I admit it. sorry.

No problem :-)
Sun 28/03/04 at 21:03
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Notorious Biggles wrote:
San Fran Rush 2049?

Ah, I still play this classic on my trusty '64.


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