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"Was Jade being racist towards Shilpa, in the BB house?"

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Mon 22/01/07 at 20:03
Posts: 285
If any of you have been watching this years Big Brother, please let me know how you feel about what has happened inside. I feel that whilst Jade was in the BB house, she constantly bullied Shilpa who is from India. Some though it was an act of racism and others, like myself, feel it is just bullying. I feel that Jade and her fellow 'followers' (Danielle & Jo)constantly ganged up on Shilpa. There were several occasions where Shilpa was told that she should 'go back home' and earnt the nickname 'Shilpa popadom', which in fact, could be called racist. HoweverI thought that Jade learnt her lesson when she dispatched from the BB house. No one was there to applaud her and she was even shown videos, with Tony Blair, complaining about her actions on live TV. She caused nothing but chaos inside the house. The carphone warehouse has cancelled its sponsorship with BB because of her and Jade has had a lot of explaining to do on BB extras. I watched BB's Little Brother this morning, where they interviewed Jade and had people calling in to ask her questions. An Indian woman phoned, and asked a really hard question. Not long after Jade was in tears. She did say that she would like the chance to say sorry to Shilpa when she leaves the BB house, but until this happens Jade will still be in my bad books. I actually think Shilpa is rather attractive lol. (just thought I would add that little comment at the end)
Mon 12/02/07 at 14:55
Posts: 3,522
I thought it was a mixture of jealousy and xenophobia.
Also, I think Jade was under pressure to "kick something off".
Also, the recent wave of humour (mainly Little Britain: I'm thinking of Majorie Doors patronizing the indian woman and the Tory woman puking at foreigners etc), I think stupid people misunderstand what is actually supposed to be funny about those sketches.
Sun 11/02/07 at 11:06
"Tornado Of Souls"
Posts: 5,680
biglime wrote:
> It's not a moot point really.Those not in the position to
> understand or experience racism will see it as bullying but
> those who do will know its racism.

A well constructed argument if ever there was one.
Sat 10/02/07 at 23:57
Posts: 33,481
"Well since we're off-air we can say any damn thing we like - well hell: I'm the lord Jesus Christ!"

"Well Tom, I just plain don't like black people"

"Uuuuh... guys, we're still on in Boston"
Sat 10/02/07 at 23:52
Posts: 224
Garin wrote:
> I like how racism has been redefined. Any negative comment
> towards a person of another race/ethnicity is now automatically
> racism.

I like how people like to sideline racism by making that excuse. Any comment, negative or otherwise, that preys on a racial stereotype or demeans or has it's point carried across from its use of race is racism.

It's not a moot point really.Those not in the position to understand or experience racism will see it as bullying but those who do will know its racism.
Sat 10/02/07 at 11:37
Posts: 285
She isnt in the media just for the racism thing, she is in there because she won BB, one of the biggest reality tv shows in the world. Every person to win BB is always in the media for quite some time
Wed 07/02/07 at 14:40
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Bullying, yes.
Racist. No. I doubt she'd even understand what that means.

Had enough of Shilpa in the media (even now, with her visiting the house of commons)? Yes.

Care about what Jade does next? No. But if I were a TV exec looking to make money, I'd send her to India to learn about the culture. A bit like a dumb Micheal Palin.
Sun 28/01/07 at 16:46
Posts: 9,397
I dont think Jade did anything wrong.

It was all taken to far, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.
Sun 28/01/07 at 13:28
"Mooching around"
Posts: 4,248
I think the bigger issue, is how the whole of England now has to declare how they all hate her and how they are "in no way affiliated" with Jade.

Equality has gotten so out of control now, it's actually embarrassing. Like many, I don't believe Jade was being racist, just ignorant. Bullying takes part in many, many of the Big Brother shows; it's what keeps the rest of us entertained.

It just seems unfortunate that she is so very dumb, and she is from an ethnic minority. You know if the roles were reversed, we would all be cheering Jade on, willing her to win because 'we love her'; we would not bat an eyelid to Shilpa as far a racism goes.
Fri 26/01/07 at 21:44
"Author of Pain"
Posts: 395
I think I should throw the not inconsiderable weight of my opinion in here (despite being very drunk).

Now, having grown up in a combination of environments which comprised basically white military doctrine and welsh ignorance, I feel it is is safe to say that ignorance is a defence if applicable. I.e I seriously didn;t know that black peope were different...

I know when I moved south to start my higher life, asians were little more than fiction to me. I'd never seen a chinese/japanese/malaysian, and as far as I could tell, they might not even exist.

Now my eyes are open, and things I might have considered humourous in my adolescence are now consigned to a deeper thought process.

So maybe people can get it wrong, and maybe it isn't right to condemn someone for getting it wrong once. However, I must say, from what I've seen of the BB 'scandals', racism doesn't even enter into it, it's jealousy, pure and simple. So what's the debate?
Fri 26/01/07 at 05:24
Posts: 33,481
Shut it wiggas.

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