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Sun 21/01/07 at 02:41
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I'm doing some personal research into stigma and such and I would like to ask a question.

Without looking it up on wikipedia or anywhere, can you describe to the best of your ability what schizophrenia actually is?

Don't worry about if you think you're wrong, and please, do check up after you answer the question if you want to, but I'm just interested in public perception of what the illness actually is. And don't just say the same as another person who you think might have the right answer, I want to know what you personally believe.

I hope I get quite a few replies here, thank you if you have a go.
Fri 30/03/07 at 19:10
"You've upset me"
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Mon 19/03/07 at 20:50
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Mon 19/03/07 at 20:48
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Bloody hell, there are some bitter people here (Mouldy Cheese).
Mon 19/03/07 at 12:32
"We are not alone..."
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I used to have Schizophrenia, but he's alright now!
Sun 18/03/07 at 23:47
"gsybe you!"
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Exactly XD

i haven't read the post, but opinion isn't a necessary criteria for a GAD. i.e a story etc.
Sun 18/03/07 at 21:02
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Cycloon wrote:
> Ahhhhhh.
> Ahhhhhh.
> If only the apple was tied the tree?!

Incest Cider? I'll pass.
Sat 17/03/07 at 13:19
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Is this the post that won a GAD?

I can see why Bird was so angry, it doesn't even have an opinion.
Sat 17/03/07 at 12:30
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haha :D
Sat 17/03/07 at 09:43
"Mooching around"
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Yeah, heh, kind of explains why I got an E :)
Fri 16/03/07 at 12:37
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As mind-gratingly annoying as a lot of this thread is to read, some of the basic ideas about shizophrenia are a bit wrong? Schizophrenics are very aware of their condition for the most part, and the drugs used are only mood stabilisers to try and stop such violent mood swings.
The characteristics are usually overly self-negative delusions and voices in your mind putting you down which leads to extreme lack of self-esteem and just a miserable existence, really. There is also the split-personality element, during which the sufferer usually becomes volatile and detached from their everyday self.
Most of this is just from A-Level psychology so I'm not really entirely knowledgable but some of the stuff here was a bit wrong: especially that guy who recited something he'd apparently been taught at school, which was just wrong..?

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