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"Jebus help me..."

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Final Fantasy X'.
Tue 20/04/04 at 20:10
Posts: 2,150
FFx I need 1 answer 1 location and 2 item locations so here goes...

1-Right I want to break the HP limit I have 60 wings to discovery but it wont let me break it. It only comes up with Death Proof and I know 30 wings do discovery give you break HP limit. If im completely wrong then tell what item does break the HP limit. If I am right then tell me why Break HP does not come up.

2-Also I need a place where I can level up easily without getting completely destroyed Zanarkand is not an option as it bores me. My HP is about 4000 each character so Omega Ruins is also a bit out the picture.

3-Where can I get return and friend spheres.

So yeah help me now.

Questions are not specificly for Jebus or any company/affiliates
Mon 26/04/04 at 22:11
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
To get these dresspheres to work, u need to dress up as every single dressphere on the sphere grid whilst in battle. Than u go to "change dressphere" on yu next turn and hit R1 and select ne dressphere. This will activate the special dressphere!! That's why it's best to equip small sheregrids wen u know u'll need the special dresspheres because it's quicker
Mon 26/04/04 at 09:37
"We'll all hellbound"
Posts: 329
I cant even get the special dresspheres to work. I odnt know how.
Sun 25/04/04 at 22:23
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
I love this battle system, tho i definately miss the Aeons. They should have found away to get the Aeons on your side and they attack really quickly so as not to slow down the combat!! And i miss limit breaks/overdrive. The special dresspheres arn't the same as a good overdrive, but they make the Aeons feel a little less missed.
Sun 25/04/04 at 22:11
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
And the combo idea, while nice, only applied to physical attacks.
You couldn't chain magic or special attacks which would have been both nice and cool.
Sun 25/04/04 at 21:57
Posts: 2,150
I dont know what your on about it might just be and my unsurpassed gaming abilities ;D. But I have no problem with the real time command although you try pouring a glass of cold Fanta into your cup whilest fighting. It can get annoying.

And for someone whose thinking it yes my gaming methods may be unsurpassed but my speeling certainly isnt.
Sun 25/04/04 at 21:46
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
That's the main problem - seeing which character's turn it is.
They should have just given the command lists different colours for each girl - much quicker.
Sun 25/04/04 at 21:42
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
I played the demo of FFX-2 again last night and I have to say I much prefer the battle system in FFX. In FFX-2 you spend too much time just trying to figure out which character you're using and what moves each character has, and you miss most of the action as you can't really take your eyes off of the command list. Which is also a bad thing because you can't really see what your enemy is up to.

However I'm still going to pick it up tomorrow as I'm sure I'll get used to the battle system eventually, plus, I'm quite interested to see how the story continues on from FFX. Although I have a feeling I already know what the 'twist' is, but I won't say anything just now.
Sun 25/04/04 at 21:34
Posts: 2,150
I have FFX-2 so I have moved on now. Its hard to decide which is better since they both have they're good but different traits.

Bit off fun but still some story line=FFX-2

Engrossing story-line and but slower less fast paced action= FFX
Sun 25/04/04 at 16:29
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
level up in the calm lands,
good place easy monsters ( except malboro ).
Sun 25/04/04 at 15:08
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
* Jeebus

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