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"Deal or No Deal"

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Sun 07/01/07 at 18:03
Posts: 5,857
The first woman ever to win the 250,000 has just been on Deal or No Deal, and I was just wandering what your thoughts are on it? Did you agree with her decisions? What would you have done? What do you think of the show anyway? And were you on the edge of your seat as the penultimate (and the ultimate) box was opened?

The show can be seen again on More4 next week if you missed it, but I can't remember when. I think it was 11pm Tuesday.
Sun 04/02/07 at 14:33
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
MJ wrote:
> Vampyr wrote:
> you house party host wannabe.
> ??

noel's house party. hes not like the noel of old.
Sun 04/02/07 at 14:27
Posts: 3,611
Vampyr wrote:
you house party host wannabe.

Sat 03/02/07 at 10:40
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
i dont udnerstand how people can watch this. its awful. its just picking random numbers and hoping it to win. the only "skill" is whther to or not to deal, which would be fine, if you didnt have the ponce dancing around going "oooh, you are playing a clever game".


im picking random numbers, how can i be playing a clever game? how can i have a strategy? you house party host wannabe.

grrr :@
Fri 02/02/07 at 17:56
Posts: 10,009
Spot on! :D
Tue 30/01/07 at 15:05
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
Geffdof wrote (a few weeks ago):
>> Apparently three people have won the 250,000. They just
> didnt show it because they thought people would loose interest
> in the show.

Looks like they were right.
Mon 29/01/07 at 21:37
Posts: 10,009
I've kind of lost interest now the 250K has been won, not watched it in a few weeks.
Sun 14/01/07 at 21:37
Posts: 10,009
Good win tonight she had the 75K and 250K left and dealt with 5 boxes left then took them out and the 1p in the next round.
Thu 11/01/07 at 08:52
Posts: 10,009
I've noticed over the past few months the offers have been lower to probably try and get people to carry on.

The 45K the woman who won 250K was offered was a good example.
Wed 10/01/07 at 16:46
Posts: 380
The show exposes many peoples greed.
Wed 10/01/07 at 12:20
Posts: 10,009
Yeah I can't help but chuckle when they say they have a "system".

Virtually all the numbers from 1-22 can be regarded as "significant" by most people because there will be many events connected to those numbers - close family birthdays will account for about 6-7 assuming they don't fall on the same day.

If I ever got on I'd say my system was "to pick random boxes and hope there's not 250000 in them" :D

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