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"Final Fantasy 12"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Final Fantasy XII'.
Mon 12/07/04 at 12:13
Posts: 3,505
Im very surprised that nobody else has done this already. New screen shots and what have ya all availble from this site. [URL] [/URL]

very nice indeed. looking forward to it. as there is very little in the way of good new stuff for the PS2.

Sat 17/07/04 at 13:27
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Well Suikoden has changed now with 3 with the 3 groups of 2 battle system. Just hope they go back to normal for the 4th game because i didn't like the new system too much.
Sat 17/07/04 at 13:25
Posts: 2,150
Wakka wrote:
> That's one of the reasons why I like Final fantasy.

Skies, Suikoden and sooooo many others have FF style battling. Its far from unique.
Sat 17/07/04 at 12:46
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
A sequel would mean bringing back characters and carrying on a storyline and seeing as FF8 had absolutely poor characters (except Quistis she was lovely :-d) and a god awful storyline then it doesn't bode well for a sequel.

But hey they did it with FFX why not with 8 eh?
Sat 17/07/04 at 10:40
Posts: 6,015
lalakersrule wrote:
> So after doing a sequel to the second worst FF in the series they
> should follow that up with a sequel to the worst one?
> Meh, FF7, tactics, 9,6,5 and 4 all deserve sequels before that

dantesos has the right idea. You should remake FF8 BECAUSE it was bizzarely poor, and make the series look much better. FF8 is probably the only FF that you could remake and not make it poorer.
Sat 17/07/04 at 03:50
Posts: 4,899
FF8 worst? Nooooo...

Hardest. Very cool. Not one of the best, but one of the coolest.
Sat 17/07/04 at 00:18
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
So after doing a sequel to the second worst FF in the series they should follow that up with a sequel to the worst one?

Meh, FF7, tactics, 9,6,5 and 4 all deserve sequels before that
Fri 16/07/04 at 13:33
Posts: 2,527
I dunno about you lot and it would be a challlenge for square-enix but I think that they should make ff8-2 like they did with ffx-2 even though ffx-2 rubbish I still reckon that they can make ff8-2 have a beeter story line and gameplay system than it.
Fri 16/07/04 at 12:49
Posts: 6,015
▀ullećć wrote:
> Or maybe it's because we still need FFXI first.
> Sony/Square Enix suck balls at things like this. By the time Europe
> get FFXI, the rest of the world will have FFXV the way things are
> going.

We may have got FFX later, but by the time we got it, it was much bigger than the JAP version.
Thu 15/07/04 at 12:14
"Anger leads to hate"
Posts: 912
Back to the battle system for sec, yup i'd like it to stay the same as all the previous installments, but they may go for a KOTOR style RPG that's normal fighting 'turnish' based gameplay where you still can control all your characters/or let the computer do it, and it ain't that bad.
Thu 15/07/04 at 11:52
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Well they've got the names for up to 15 i think i remember reading in a games rag ages ago so there's at least 3 more coming after twelve

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