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Thu 14/12/06 at 11:46
"360: swfcman"
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No WoW thread? Whats with that? I thought a fair few people here played it?

I myself have not been on it since Nov 05. Resisted temptation to do so all year, but I am getting close to getting back on. Mainly because I have now a far better PC so I really want to see how it looks on it.

Wont be until the new year when i start it back up. Just hope its not changed too much.

Anyone here playing it still?
Thu 26/07/07 at 10:46
"Going nowhere fast"
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Sorry nitro can't help you :(

A friend dragged me away from FFXI to this game recently because he'd already levelled 3 jobs up to 75 and was bored. I got the 10 day trial and 30 days free when I eventually got a license which is what I'm currently playing on. As to actually subscribing? I'll wait until I get back from America before I decide.

I'm enjoying it atm 'cos it's much easier to craft and level up solo compared to FF so WoW is stealing all my time but FF still owns my heart and I'll not be so quick to give my FF account up.
Wed 25/07/07 at 17:08
Posts: 76
Does anyone know whether this sounds like a decent motherboard and how do different motherboards affect gameplay and computer speed etc? Thanks.

* ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 Motherboard
o nVIDIAŽ nForce 570 SLI Chipset
o 4x DIMM sockets, support max. 8GB DDR2 800/667/533
o integrated 7.1 channel audio
o Dual Gb LAN
o 6x USB 2.0 ports; Firewire controller
o 1x IDE ATA-133 connector (for up to 2 devices)
o 6x SATA2 (3Gb/s) RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5; JMicron SATA controller with 1x internal and 1x external ports
o 2x PCI x16 slots for x8 + x8 SLI or single x16
o 2x PCI Express x1, 3x PCI
* AMD Athlon64 5200+ X2 Dual Core Socket AM2
Tue 24/07/07 at 16:36
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
gRoZzEr wrote:
> Does anyone know whether a AMD ATHLON 4600+ X2 DUAL CORE, 2Gb
> DDR2, GeForceŽ 8500GT, Windows XP PC would be good enough
> for it?

You shouldn't really have problems playing any games with that setup. WoW in particular should be smooth as silk with 2Gb RAM except maybe when flying into Ironforge, at which point I don't think even an IBM Supercomputer would make much difference (you'll get little framerate drop when landing in Ironforge sometimes, but it doesn't affect gameplay as you're not really doing anything when flying/taking off/landing).
Tue 24/07/07 at 16:02
"all good things..."
Posts: 25
I may start playing it...

Does anyone know whether a AMD ATHLON 4600+ X2 DUAL CORE, 2Gb DDR2, GeForceŽ 8500GT, Windows XP PC would be good enough for it?

It would also help a great deal if anyone knows whether this computer could run other intense games like Counter Strike: Source or BattleField: 2142? What would the FPS be like?

Mon 23/07/07 at 14:54
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Don't think im going to be able to get back into it. Left it too long and seems there are too many changes for me to take in. Plus I just dont have the same feel for it that I thought I would.

Well, at least i didnt pay for a months gaming to find this out!
Tue 17/07/07 at 15:03
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
I got the CD too but I won't be back. They could have just e-mailed me and asked me to download the extra client bit, don't know why they had to send me a boxed disc, waste of resources. Then again, Blizzard do have a bit of petty cash lying around.
Tue 17/07/07 at 14:37
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Got a 10 Day free trial CD for Burning Crusade the other day, might load it up and say hello to my Lvl 60 Hunter this weekend.

Anyone still knocking around on Dragonmaw?
Fri 05/01/07 at 23:02
Posts: 380
Ill be honest im bloody useless at the game, still don't understand it completely but i do enjoy going on every now and then and having a beer or 12 and being part of a guild.
Fri 05/01/07 at 18:50
Posts: 33,481
You make it sound like a glorified chatroom snorefest.
Fri 05/01/07 at 18:48
Posts: 33,481
Final final?

Final Fantasy!

My mind was elsewhere.

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