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"Eddie Guerrero's dead."

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Sun 13/11/05 at 16:33
Posts: 2,781

Jesus. - [URL][/URL]

Batista - [URL][/URL]
Rey Mysterio - [URL][/URL]
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:33
Posts: 2,287

I dont watch wrestling but I used to when he was with Chyna. Very sad. :(
Wed 16/11/05 at 17:38
Posts: 11,597
I hope that, and have no doubt that Eddie Guerrero merchandise will fly off the shelves now. I know that I personally will buy some Eddie merchandise, knowing that it will help his family.
Wed 16/11/05 at 16:06
Posts: 2,781
Well, I wouldn't say because of his dedication.
Tue 15/11/05 at 20:46
Posts: 10,009
Eddie's official cause of death is heart disease - caused due to a combination of his past drink and drug abuse and escalated by his current punishing schedule.

Yet another wrestler dead because of his dedication to the sport he loves.

Who will be next?
Tue 15/11/05 at 20:27
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Unbelievable... I really didn't believe this when I first heard about it. :-( Big shock. Eddie will always be remembered as one of the all-time greats.

RIP Eddie
Tue 15/11/05 at 10:09
Posts: 787
Anyone posting disrespectful bullcack on this thread (and that means you, Azul - youre on a warning anyway remember?) will be immediately banned. This is a promise.

Eddie Guerrero was and will ever remain a defining character in wrestling history, and as such deserves the greatest respect. Ya heard?

Tue 15/11/05 at 09:21
Posts: 10,009
Yeah Chavo was destroyed you could reall tell, wonder if he'll carry on or not?
Tue 15/11/05 at 04:29
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Lucy-Jane wrote:
> But what made it all sink in for me was watching the Press conference
> last night on WWE dot com. It was very moving. Chavo handled himself
> quite well in the circumstances.

Indeed although the bit that stuck out for me the most was when Chavo was being asked about Eddie's past and whether the problems he had back then could have helped cause his death and Chavo struggled to answer until McMahon calmly stepped in and tried to pass it off like nothing serious.
Tue 15/11/05 at 01:11
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
I'm not exactly a wrestling fan, but I did go through a spell of watching it a little while ago.

Even so, this is a shock.
Mon 14/11/05 at 20:21
"Paid, Laid n Made"
Posts: 108
i pay me respects to eddie

he was a great wrestler and had a good wrestling life

but his background didn't exactly look good

i have watched wrestling since 2001
and i think eddie was a great superstar on the roster

my favourite match had to be when he beat brock lesnar for the title

i liked him both heel and face and he made me laugh

lie cheat n steal

RIP eddie

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