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"Love being different"

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Tue 08/11/05 at 10:34
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
Does anyone here feel their very "different" from all your friends? People who do their own thing rather than following the trends etc of everyone around them. I'm like that (although that makes me one of the number one targets of fun at school) and proud of it! While evryone around me listens to Hip-Hop (I have discovered only takes 40 mins to write and record a hip-hop song) I listen to things that are more complex. ANything by Nobuo Uematsu, or Nightwish (although I'm not a fan of the gothy lyrics, I love the orchestra stuff they use).

Also, the way I dress outside school. OK, it's not completely original, but I stay away from trakkies, anything with a NIKE logo, or any of that mass produced stuff. I recently bought a jacket from BHS which I am cutting the sleeves off tonight, and I wear a pewter broach on it. I also need some leather gloves...

And my hobbies. I enjoy composing music, writing stories, other things where I can be creative. Apart from my love of football and Video games, I seem to be in a minority.

So who else is like this? Proud to be "different"?
Sun 13/11/05 at 12:02
Posts: 9,494
Being an outsider is a trend in itself.

Goths think they're bucking all the fashions and sticking out and being different.

Go on myspace and count them all. It's like trying to count all the stars in the sky.
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:45
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
I bow before you oh popeye lord! :p
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:44
Posts: 18,185
Everyone's different. The sooner you realise this the better.

Listening to odd music and wearing unusual attire actually means you fit into the mass of people who call themselves "different". I'm different. I don't dress oddly, I conform to societies ideals, perhaps you could label me into a group.

Don't really care.

I am who I am. - God (or Popeye the Sailor Man, depending on what you believe in more).
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:31
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
Haha....I love the irony in that!
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:27
Posts: 10,759
Be unique, like everyone else.
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:19
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
1 & 2) Different isn't different to everyone else in the world, that's almost impossible. But not bein taken in by all the trends, everything thats "cool" etc when all you're friends are, THAT'S different.

3) there a reason we SHOULDN'T care?
Thu 10/11/05 at 22:13
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Lukeman wrote:
> Trust me, Rai is the worst vegetarian EVER! Up till a cuple of months
> ago he'd eat all meat but..Chicken I htink it was...just cuz he
> didn't like Chicken! But now he's propa veggie! lol

Do you know anything about me? At all?

I become a vegetarian for a year, take a month out to become a semi-vegetarian (only eating burger king burgers, which are 90% crap anyway), and become a vegetarian again.
Thu 10/11/05 at 21:41
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
AARRGG shut up

'I'm different!'
'I'm different!'
'I'm different!'

1) Note something?
2) HOW are you really different? You own a different console? /golfclap
3) If you are so different and cool, why the f**k do you care?
Thu 10/11/05 at 21:24
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
Trust me, Rai is the worst vegetarian EVER! Up till a cuple of months ago he'd eat all meat but..Chicken I htink it was...just cuz he didn't like Chicken! But now he's propa veggie! lol
Thu 10/11/05 at 18:32
Posts: 5,953
Rai, me and you sound fairly similar. I'm not a vegetarian though, I need my chicken, and beef, and steak, and bacon, and sausages, etc.

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