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"England Squad Named for Argentina"

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Sun 06/11/05 at 21:59
Posts: 13,611
Robinson (Tottenham)
Green (Norwich)
James (Man City)

Neville (Everton)
Young (Charlton)
Bridge (Chelsea)
Konchesky (West Ham)
Ferdinand (Man Utd)
Terry (Chelsea)
Campbell (Arsenal)
King (Tottenham)

Beckham (Real Madrid)
Gerrard (Liverpool)
Lampard (Chelsea)
J Cole (Chelsea)
Wright-Phillips (Chelsea)
Jenas (Tottenham)
Smith (Man Utd)
Carrick (Tottenham)

Owen (Newcastle)
Rooney (Man Utd)
Defoe (Tottenham)
Crouch (Liverpool)

Bloody hell Sven, why do we have makeshift defensive midfielder Alan Smith in there instead of Scott Parker? Christ, that really, really irritates me. Seriously, what more can he do? He is vastly more talented in that position that Smith could ever hope to be.
Sun 13/11/05 at 14:32
Posts: 18,185
Smedlos wrote:
> No because he seems to be everywhere all the time. You can't help but
> feel it has to have some effect on his football.

He has been in the public eye all his life. And he is a fantastic player.

I don't care what you say I'm am very glad Beckham is an English player. His passes are prefect, his work rate is second to none, he is commanding, respectful (to the manager anyway) and as it has been said further down, Real's best player this season.

Beckham belongs in the England squad, as the England captain and should remain so for the world cup and perhaps even for the European qualifiers.
Sat 12/11/05 at 21:24
Posts: 13,611
I haven't seen him in anything recently.

He clearly did those Gilette adverts ages ago - look at the hair!
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:46
Posts: 11,024
You're right, he turned up at my birthday party last week, and a couple of days before that I bumped into him at the shopping centre. I said "Shouldn't you be training in Madrid?" he said "Nah, screw it, I hate football."
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:40
Posts: 10,009
No because he seems to be everywhere all the time. You can't help but feel it has to have some effect on his football.
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:30
Posts: 11,024
Because Beckham is the only footballer ever to do an advert.
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:16
Posts: 10,009
Mav wrote:
> Do you even watch Real Madrid play?
> I'm not Beckham's biggest fan but he has been in great form for them
> so far this season.

Yes whenever they're on Sky on a Saturday or Sunday night I'll watch the game. I just can't help feel that he's looking for a career away from football for when he retires in a few years time and that now would be a good time to give Terry the armband to take over his mantle of captain.
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:12
Posts: 11,024
Anyone who believes Beckham is crap has quite clearly never seen him play. He's been amazing for Real not just this season, but pretty much since he joined. This is a guy who stood out among Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Owen, Roberto Carlos, Eto'o, Xavi etc. in the last Barca derby, despite everyone being on absolute top form. He's an incredible player. He gets tonnes of assists, far more than Wright-Phillips or anyone else would get on the right side. He's a free kick genius to boot.

Real's lack of trophies are solely down to Beckham? Get real. He's raised the team's ability, not lowered it. His workrate is superb, crossing and long balls are second to none. You really think he'd keep his place in the first team of the world's most successful club if he were crap, under manager after manager? Of course he wouldn't. There are a number of players who could replace him in midfield if he were. Luxemburgo knows good football. He isn't keeping Beckham in for commercial reasons. If he were interested in that, Robinho would have started every game. But he hasn't. He's even played Gravesen and Pablo Garcia at the same time in a few matches. You think two defensive midfielders are going to sell a lot of shirts? Over Guti/Baptista? Would he have even bought Garcia from Osasuna if it were about commercial interests? Granted, the president is an idiot who is interested in making money and doesn't know about good football. Hence the galactico attitude of recent years. But he doesn't pick the team. A successful manager does. And Beckham's in his team. And he plays damn well in it.
Sat 12/11/05 at 19:00
Posts: 13,611
Do you even watch Real Madrid play?

I'm not Beckham's biggest fan but he has been in great form for them so far this season.
Sat 12/11/05 at 18:48
Posts: 10,009
Mav wrote:

> Beckham has been unanimously considered Real's best player this
> season.

The rest of the squad must be really rubbish then.
Sat 12/11/05 at 18:37
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Badgerman wrote:
> Crouch will score.

That last goal came off his elbow.

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