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"Short Story Competition 35"

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Sat 29/10/05 at 07:59
Posts: 3,522
It's short story competition number thirty-five!

I'll come straight to the point. The theme is

The Woods

Closing Date - November 15th



Thanks to all who entered, this, maybe the final SSC on these forums. Who knows?

As always it was difficult to pick a winner.

The Runner's-up

FFF - Troupe. I like everything you write (even if you don't like it yourself). This was the usual enchanting and mazy creation.

Stryke - Acres of Shadowland. Once again an intriguing read, written in that likeable style of yours.

Meka Dragon - In The Woods Lies A Cabin. You're like an Amazon forest of variety and creation. Last time a musical, this time a creepy ghost story. I always see your stories being turned into pieces of cinematic drama. To my mind you are a very commercial writer - and I say that in the best possible way.

Prophet - Across The Mountain Forest. This felt like I'd opened a novel by an established author and read a couple of pages. It is so well-written and polished. Very nearly won.

The Winner

Ineedsleep - Just Passing Through. This reminded me of what the SSC is all about. Short and sweet, concisely expressed and mapped out, simple and effective. Just liked it the most.

So is this the last one, or are we just gonna carry on? I feel like I should make a speech or something... (better not).
Thu 17/11/05 at 19:18
"Retarded List"
Posts: 642
Aye, keep it going.

At least to see how many folk enter, anyway.
Thu 17/11/05 at 18:49
Posts: 3,522
Yeah, I say carry on.
Thu 17/11/05 at 14:31
Posts: 9,848
Carry on like nothing's changing and then jump it all over Er-no's forum or something.
Thu 17/11/05 at 14:30
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Yeah, make a new'un ... I don't think the forums are going anywhere soon.
Thu 17/11/05 at 11:28
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
But it was worth it :)
Thu 17/11/05 at 11:25
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
I'm going to struggle to find time before the end of the month anyway, because I'm alittle behind with NaNoWriMo. PArtly because i spent an hour writing my story for SSC35 the other night!
Thu 17/11/05 at 11:10
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Ineedsleep wrote:

> I'll not set another one yet

Unless there are enough people interested in doing it straight away.
Thu 17/11/05 at 10:50
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
So are we going to start a new SSC?
Thu 17/11/05 at 00:19
Posts: 3,522
I'm still recovering. Such a long and warped tale like that is almost impossible to judge without reading it through a few times, and if I did that I'd probably need my head fixing afterwards.
Wed 16/11/05 at 22:44
Posts: 33,481
Not even a mention? :P


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