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"Recomend me some bands?"

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Fri 07/10/05 at 00:21
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So, much like the hypermodern studenty type I am I have matured moderately.

I want to listen to some music that deviates from angry shouting and threats of tearing faces off with sporks.

I've got a small selection of bands which are more chilled out and suchlike and am looking to broaden my tastes in this area. I'm not really into the whole new "OMFG indie!!212" trend, I'm getting more into softer rock or acoustic stuff.

Here's a list of the stuff I'm enjoying at the moment:

Modest Mouse
Brand New
Absinthe Glow (

So I'm looking for you to tell me some bands that are vaguely similar to them that you'd recommend and I'll give them a check out.

'preciate it.
Sat 08/10/05 at 15:19
Posts: 13,017
Currently checking out Death Cab, if theyre anything like modest mouse then I'll be happy.

cheers for recommendations, keep them coming.
Sat 08/10/05 at 15:18
Posts: 13,017
Ant wrote:
> Currently I'm really into Yellowcard and 3 Doors Down, although both
> are a little heavy for my liking at times.

Yeah I've got the two latest 3DD albums, away from the sun is nice and mellow :-)
Sat 08/10/05 at 15:12
Posts: 16,548
Gabbo wrote:
> Nine Black Alps.


Awful awful band. Saw them open for Idlewild and they were dire.

If you're looking for Death Cab songs to get into, I'd suggest Lack of Colour, We Looked Like Giants and Sound of Settling
Sat 08/10/05 at 15:06
Posts: 4,345
One Year Six Months is a nice song. Wouldn't really say Yellowcard are "heavy" though....

As for Deathcab, was a little disappointed with their album - it's fairly plain.
Sat 08/10/05 at 13:26
"I am Bumf Ucked"
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Death Cab For Cutie i reckon, they have a failry Modest Mouse feeling. And The Handsome Family.
Sat 08/10/05 at 12:53
"I like cheese"
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Currently I'm really into Yellowcard and 3 Doors Down, although both are a little heavy for my liking at times.

Here Without You and Away From The Sun are the best of the latter's stuff, whilst the former have done the beautiful One Year Six Months, the rocky Back Home, the emotionally-charged Cigarette and the simply awesome Rough Draft.
Sat 08/10/05 at 12:45
"No Surprises Please"
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The Stills are definately worth listening to. Also, get some some stuff by Interpol and Nine Black Alps.
Sat 08/10/05 at 09:39
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Some of John Butler Trio's stuff is great chilled out-ness. Anything from Sunrise Over Sea and the song Take are worth getting.

Belle & Sebastian also.
Sat 08/10/05 at 08:08
Posts: 3,937
Some good bands:

Led Zepellin
Jimi Hendrix (not really a band)
Fri 07/10/05 at 22:31
Posts: 9,808
I reccomend Lo-Fidelity AllStars.

Because I can.

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