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Thu 06/10/05 at 19:02
Posts: 2,781
Going to see this tonight, and as a big Firefly fan (why, oh why did Fox cancel it after 14 episodes!?), I'm sure that I'll love it.

[URL][/URL] for the initiative impaired.
Fri 28/10/05 at 16:25
Posts: 6,702
Now down to 20.97 on Amazon if that helps...
Mon 17/10/05 at 10:49
Posts: 6,702
Yeh, that's the cheapest I've been able to find it recently. Give it a little time and the price will probably drop off again. As for the borrow from a friend idea, its a good one, certainly! Its actually how I got into the series. A former pupil of mine, named Darth Vader..., nope, forget I said that, a former student lent it to me early last year and I was instantly hooked. Fantastic series!
Sat 15/10/05 at 14:29
Posts: 2,781
ssxpro wrote:
> Ah, now that's interesting! Maybe it does have a broader appeal! As
> for the series, its a little more expensive right now because of the
> extra popularity the movie lends it, but not long ago (and probably
> not far into the future I'd guess) it was (might be) only about
> 16 which is well worth a look!

CDWow used to have it for 17, but alas, it's disappeared from there. Play have it for 23 on a special offer, though.
Sat 15/10/05 at 13:09
Posts: 9,848
When I said "track down" meant find a friend I could borrow it off.
Spend money unnecessarily? I'm a student you know... :-)
Sat 15/10/05 at 12:00
Posts: 6,702
Ah, now that's interesting! Maybe it does have a broader appeal! As for the series, its a little more expensive right now because of the extra popularity the movie lends it, but not long ago (and probably not far into the future I'd guess) it was (might be) only about 16 which is well worth a look!
Fri 14/10/05 at 16:20
Posts: 9,848
I hadn't seen anything from the series before.
Infact I'll probably track it down having seen the film.
Fri 14/10/05 at 14:19
Posts: 6,702
Ah, that makes sense, just not one of those things that appeals to you. Fair enough! As for Toy Story, I didn't realize that, but I guess his writing style would have to change for a Disney audience. I don't think they could have predicted the appeal the movie would have to such a wide audience, so perhaps his dialogue was less quirky to avoid alienating whatever audience they could gather.
Fri 14/10/05 at 13:04
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
I think it has more to do with Whedon's style than anything, as I was never a fan of the Buffy series (but loved the movie)...

I was shocked to learn that he co-wrote Toy Story though, as I thought the dialogue in that was excellent.
Fri 14/10/05 at 11:42
Posts: 6,702
That's an interesting point and unfortunately one I'm not able to compare with really. All the characters aboard Serenity were already familiar to me from the series and everything just felt right from the start.

Having said that, the reviews I've read in magazines and on the internet, as well as tv reviews, have consistently given Serenity good reviews with special mention given to strong characters and good dialogue. I'm not trying to reverse your opinion, but it seems that plenty of "first time Firefly viewers" have given it high praise as well as all the previously existing Firefly base who almost exclusively gave it high ratings.

I noticed on that IMDb thingy that (in the rating votes) that most gave it 10 or 9, then very few gave it 2-8, but then a reasonable number gave it 1/10. The list is here:


It appeared from this that perhaps its generally very popular and exactly what many people wanted to see, but then there is a relatively large group with views similar to yours [Meka Dragon] who just really didn't get on with the movie.
Fri 14/10/05 at 11:32
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
I'll let you off. ;o)

I think it's the quirkiness of the dialogue I really don't like, but the same think puts me off most of Whedon's work.

I watched Alien the other night, and you can look at them from a similar starting point - characters we don't know isolated on a space ship. Those in Alien seemed more real, where Whedon's crew seemed to me like stock characters. The way John Hurt comes across - volunteering to explore outise the ship, and the captain Dallas replies "of course" or similar, instantly we know a great deal about the character - without him having to go OTT, with no exposition whatsoever. In Serenity the characters are introduced through dialogue in a style I don't like, so they never really have a chance of getting through and affecting me.

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