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Sun 02/10/05 at 18:58
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Im thinking of getting rid of my iPod Mini for one of these Creative Zens you lot always go on about, but before I put my iPod on Ebay, can somebody tell me which Zen I should get?

I dont want a really chunky one, but I dont mind it being slightly bigger than the iPod Mini, I also want to have about 4-6GB of space.

Thats it really. I assume the sound quality is just as good as the iPod's and the battery life just as good if not better than the iPod.

Once i've got a few suggestions i'll go and see how much I can get one for to see whether it's worth selling my iPod for one.

Thu 06/10/05 at 22:47
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an iTrip equivalent

can you not just plug an iTrip into a Zen? does it not just go into the headphones port?
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:38
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'trip equivalent'?
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:36
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Good choice mate, i have a zen and its perfect. The only one downside i have is it doesnt have a i trip equilavant which would be fantastic for me.
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:21
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The better page is the complete Creative mp3 player list, select one and you can download updates:

Thu 06/10/05 at 22:06
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When I say result, I just mean I've found patches that improve the player, the volume may be there though.

And shutup chaos, you haven't contributed anything useful in about 10 posts in this forum.
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:05
"topgamer above all"
Posts: 139
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:03
Posts: 5,848

Thu 06/10/05 at 21:55
Posts: 5,848
People seem to think I'm talking about volume as in space, when I confirmed it was sound they said it's probable (not very helpful I know)

I assume it would modify the hardware, taking up hardrive space.

Someone's checking now...
Thu 06/10/05 at 21:48
Posts: 4,686
Though I think it would be hardware limiting the volume as opposed to the software, but I might be wrong
Thu 06/10/05 at 21:47
Posts: 4,686

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