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"Question Time tonight"

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Thu 22/10/09 at 14:42
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Who's going to be watching it?
This may interest some of you.

Sadly, I have no t.v.
Sat 07/11/09 at 15:16
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Well basically, Robert Kilroy-Silk was on the show. He came out with some controversial comments, and rather than a well reasoned argument, one of the panelists claimed he looked similiar to one of the old men on the muppets.

Try and catch the episode on iplayer anyway, it was still quite an interesting episode.
Sat 07/11/09 at 14:51
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"Freeola Ltd"
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What comments? Sorry mate, I missed it in the end.
Sat 07/11/09 at 12:26
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That "comedian" really killed the show for me yesterday. The muppets comment was simply awful.
Tue 03/11/09 at 16:16
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I am just glad that there was someone who wasn't afraid to pledge support for Tony Blair to be President of the European Council.
Sun 01/11/09 at 12:49
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I think last night's was more worthwhile and entertaining than the BNP episode. Sergeant really pulled the rug from under some of those politicians. Jacqui Smith especially:

"Both my dogs are dead actually.
"Perhaps you should have fed them more then!"
Fri 30/10/09 at 20:19
"How Ironic"
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Haha i've took a sudden interest in question time. It's dead good, just MP's getting destroyed by the public :D
Fri 30/10/09 at 19:11
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Last nights episode was amazing, everybody should watch it.
John Sergeant is classic.
Fri 23/10/09 at 15:50
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I found that episode slightly disappointing, all the focus on Nick Griffin prevented Jack Straw from getting grilled properly.
Fri 23/10/09 at 14:50
"Are you sure?"
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Alfonse wrote:
> Apparently, some courageous person made their way to the protest
> area with a BNP banner. They were heavily beaten.

It's getting hard to see who the fascists are!

The BCC has put this Griffin video response up. Some people may think he has a few fair points. The 'normal' politicians had better start to raise their game...
Fri 23/10/09 at 14:41
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Apparently, some courageous person made their way to the protest area with a BNP banner. They were heavily beaten.

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